Yu-Gi-Oh Spirit Warriors FULL Set Review!

In this video we go over a COMPLETE review on the Spirit Warriors set that is to debut on this upcoming Thursday! Will Six Samurai revitalize its spot as one of the meta decks? How will Magical Musketeer fair against the top decks? Are the Weather Archetype worth investing?

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nickpayne22098 says:

How’s CaliEffect feel about that 7 game dub streak.

Elton Whitehead says:

Great video my boi but you skipped Magical Musketeer Casper lol

MarkyPlayz 1 says:

The Cali Effect effect Activates

Ditty C says:

I will at last follow the way of the Samurai!!!!

Tophies says:

Damn that Weather Archetype seems pretty dookey, like We need a defined Win Condition lol. Dope ass Video though!

Ditty C says:

This video kicked butt

True Master Peace says:

This video was needed 100% You helped a lot man, cheers!

NTG360 says:

I just want to rebuild my six samurai..wonder if they will become expensive. Hatsume looks awesome as a secret rare!

Justin Delano says:

Boo saints, panthers are the best team in the division.

J. Corriea says:

Background music is pretty Lit. I like that–what is that music playing in the background btw? Playing a True Dracosamurai deck sounds promising to make.

Cj Carroll says:

cant wait for this set to make six sam deck! thanks Cali effect

rogue atlas says:

I’m excited for people in the tcg to hype up magical musketeers again because they’re bad

BamaLam4 says:

Love the video and your channel man, but music is a little loud 🙂

Andrés Pinzón says:

Excelente vídeo sigue así saludos desde Bogotá colombia broooo!!!!!!! Aweasome!!!

pkmdz says:

Ordered all the super Musketeers…. Now for the secrets :l EDIT: ordered the deck

Joravil says:

lol I love the weather archetype, but I laughed my ass off everytime you read another one of their mediocre effects. They’re not too great but the artwork is so nice I’m just gonna collect them all

Mystro64 says:

This video was mad smooth. Another good video bro.

Jskdjd Shzbsd says:

Can’t wait for Gateway return to 3

Ven The Guy says:

Personally, I don’t think Weather Painters will be too good to be quite honest. After watching this and seeing what Magical Musketeers do, I think they may actually be somewhat decent as an Anti-Meta deck. Six Samurais though, I busted out my old Six Samurai deck last night, revamped it a bit, and hopefully gonna revamp it even more because those Secret Six Samurai cards are gonna be amazing.

Jaren Bradley says:

WHO DAT! i see you dawg

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