Yu-Gi-Oh! Starter Deck: Codebreaker 2018 TCG Opening & Review | NEW Cyberse Cards!

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Today I am opening the new Yugioh Starter Deck: Codebreaker. What do you guys think of this new starter deck? What other openings do you guys want to see in the future? I hope you all enjoyed the video and let’s see if we can get 600 LIKES!
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YU gi oh ap says:


Ivan says:

I’m getting back into yugioh. Could you make a video about link summoning.

Heath Jones says:

That was a really good, thorough review

C C says:

Takes over 3 minutes to get into the dam cards

Dustin Driggers says:

I like Battle Fader and Swift Scarecrow

G3 Duel Monsters says:

Good video Cyber Knight.

Opie operative funkshady says:

I see you have a new icon face ,looks nice.

Marian M says:

Am I the only one who noticed that all cards released in the last year or two have terrible cutting on the upper part of the card?

Miguel Garcia says:

Do anyone know when I buy a structure Deck.Do I become any card for Duel links? Thanks

joshua cook says:

Could of made link kuriboh a super rare or ultra

adriana says:

I lost my mide today I bought this and two magic core set 2019 I did not now it came out 2 days a go

Natsu Dragneel DD says:

Cyberknight when did u change your icon????

Lord Cookies says:

Extra Monster Zone? What’s that? Man it really has been a while for me since GX…

NoSkillWill says:

This is pretty valuable for a starter deck, jeez.

Gabriel Lasalle says:

Cyber awesome video like always, and u are for sure 100% the best yugituber there is ( on my opinion ) jeep the awesome vídeos

chrixxx2 says:

Solo vine por lo del capítulo 64 xD

VITOR gameplay says:


Johannes Roth says:

I ordered my last week I can’t wait to get it it a cool starter deck and as amazing cards lot transcode talker , linkuriboh cybrerse white hat

williamhowe1 says:

If Lunkuriboh was in yugioh the abridged series he would be saying “Do the 0101010101!” That’s an annoying linkuriboh.

debeerds says:

We did not have a German version of “Linkuriboh” until now. Same with a lot of promo cards like “Summon Sorceres”. Even products like the “Yugi/ Kaiba Collector Box” did not get to us in Europe as small boxes. We got them rather late as a two-in-one. Konami’s support for Europe is rather poor. I am glad that we get at least “Linkuriboh” now. I did not know that the card is in the Strater Deck, so thank you.

CryolaBlue says:

I want them to make a Playmaker deck that actually has Firewall Dragon in it. I can’t pull it out of packs, and I don’t feel like spending $40+ on the thing.

Jeff St.Andre says:

Im intrigued by Link but im not going to fully invest in it.

Curious what a deck profile would look link if you got 1 of each link starter and structure deck. Budget style 1 of each of the 3 vs 3 of each individually

Earl McEarl says:

Great video. I love how you go through and explain this at a low level, geared towards beginners. Lots of other openings just breeze through, assuming the viewer already knows everything.
Great job Cyber!

williamhowe1 says:

I’m 31 years old going on 32 & I still want to play a children’s card game.

Aidan Mccoy says:

I have the link strike structure deck it’s good too

toby ellis says:

Could I play with this deck without any modifications?

Gumball7645 says:

You made this sound a lot better than it actually is, I’ve never seen someone compliment a starter deck so much

Adam Selvig says:

You are the best YouTuber because if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have gotten the dark magician support years ago

Gracias says:

Picked mine up today really happy with this deck

Cuauhtemoc Gonzales says:

You say your not a good YouTuber I call that bull. You’re awesome. Anyways good vid.

Dark Scream says:

This set felt lazy. Yeah here were a few cards but a lot of it was reprints on stuff that most people have. I wish we would have gotten more new cyberse monsters

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