Yu-Gi-Oh TCG November 2017 Banlist Review

We just an update to the banlist! The SPYRAL deck got a swift hit to the knees, alongside a few other key cards! What does this mean for the game, though? Alec and I assess!

Updated Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden & Limited Cards List (in effect November 6th, 2017)

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Little D Yu-Gi-Oh! says:

In my opinion Gofu at 1 is still worth running because I actually never played him at 3 (in deck that only needed him for link summoning) because it can be bricky.I always played 2 copies so I don’t really see a huge change.

Ginga Boy says:

When will circuit break winners be announced

Derp cat says:

Well you can’t say that konami doesn’t listen to the community.

Jace Poncho says:

True draco will rise!! Jk

Minerva says:

gouki new meta

Nathan Drake says:


Michael Bivens says:

Sucks Blackwings had to be a victim in this list, I don’t feel Gofu is busted at all.

tlb31m says:

Why u dressed like a muslim nigga lmao!

Daniel Despres says:

Sooooooo glad I don’t play YGO anymore. It used to be such a fun game. I loved it. Then they started banning stuff strictly for profit and rarely unbanned anything to restore old tribes. I mean stratos is still banned!
They made cards far more expensive and now they’re banning/ limiting decks left and right. What’s the point in buying the cards anymore?

ToewsToKane says:

“You should stay down but break free”

robismetal says:

Honestly machine dupe plays were my favorite thing about spyrals, which I was playing way before double helix. So my deck is gone. Wahhh.

abdoulaye haidara says:

Wow…I only took a hiatus for 2 months and a lot of shots changed already.

Cory N says:

Looking snazzy, fellas.

Kevin N says:

You guys are actual school teachers?

Divine Genesis says:

The guy in the back is my new hero #peanutgallery

Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! & Weiss Schwarz Channel says:

Konami just wanted to make a “Quick fix” to the ban list.
Yeah I know, pretty bad pun.

Young Mir says:

Ok i see you Paul and Alec looking fresh

David Capuchino says:

Lookin’ fly guys!

Crusix Angel says:

What are you eating back there!?

Michael Perez says:

Thank God, now I stand a chance…thanks Konami for hitting true Draco and spyral…can’t wait to play Paleo again 🙂 I have some great ideas, that will shake up my league

Eduardo A. Vicente says:

The deck is still playable, i guess….

Edward Duarte says:

we need elemental hero stratos back

Blydsm says:

As someone who’s played SPYRAL since they came out, these hits were 100% necessary. Here’s to a diverse format.

Matthew Stephens says:

You say people are going to be looking out for the evenly-matched matches / mirror matches. I have a problem with that because evenly-matched is a card not an archetype or deck build. So clearly there’s a problem with that card if anyone refers to it in that manner. So did you fuck up Konami? Yes you did.

Felix Gutierrez says:

As a Blue eyes player who lost 1st (but got 2nd) on locals because of Spyrals I had to jump through so many meta meta decks I am so happy Spyrals lost some power I mean COME ON PROPLE DON’T JUST BE TEIR WHORES! jeezzzz you can do it FINE but when I see the ocg and ycs Dallas just a same man :/

zioncommand says:

Wow, Drone to 1… shocking

Tarik Fretes says:

The john cena of yugioh is finaly hit.

UnhipSpring0758 says:

When you need two ash blossom for your deck R.I.P

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