Yu-Gi-Oh! The Best Deck I’ve Ever Played!

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I’ve played a lot of decks at the competitive level, but judging by my performance at the 2018 North America WCQ, I personally feel that this is the deck that I have seen the best results with throughout my entire career!

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Jordan Williams says:

damn it Cimooooooooooooooo, do your part to keep cute anime girls off the ban list, not putting them on the ban list! Let Gouki take the spot!! Stop playing trickstar and sky strikers!

DRACOH77 says:

oh trickpute, no this deck ;_;

Julio Cesar says:

good luck in the tournament

Tevin Collins says:

Probably never play dragon rulers shit was godly

Russell Dean Harris says:

Hey, Can you talk about Danger Darkworld? I played Altergiest and went x3 drop at nats and dont want to get another bad deck.

Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! & Weiss Schwarz Channel says:

Nice video.

Anton Wilzewski says:

Melk Knight Blue sky cant be used if the opponent has 2 cards in column if you don’t play indigo, because he adds an equal amount of different Melk knights not the blue one to hand.

akuma2095 says:

Enemy controller is a good card gotta agree but skystrikers truckers is meh

Kevin Berthold says:

Trickstar is the biggest, lamest and easiest deck ever. So boring and noobie to play this deck. it’s just a shame to play this brain out deck without any cool combo plays. this deck have to be burned!!

Time Lizard says:

The only deck you play is handtrap simulator.

La Wave says:

pussy deck


Cimoooo is a loser :/

YGO panda says:

I don’t like the new intro pls take it out wtf I love ur content but no pls

Rex Holmberg says:

enemy controller ftw

Yu-Gi-Oh! Meister says:

NO, against Billy Brake with Zoodiac.

Filippo Conti says:

In Duel Links we know how good Econ is 😀 It actually got on the banlist

john mcmasters says:

Umm cimooooooooo would u recommend any rogue players or just xyz fans playing raidraptors into this current meta?


Desire is banned bro

Gh0sT 07 says:

Ok, the pronunciation on Lycoris kills me. It’s Lie-ker-is it’s named after a flower, look it up

GladionGames TCG says:

Nice update to the logo and intro

Wolwerock says:

wow another profile of this deck

blue eyes HER0 says:

U ain’t gonna win shit

Alfian Naufal says:

isnt engaged supposed to be secret, but i dont see the hollow effect, either im salty and / or paranoid or maybe its the camera

lord Yubel says:

Nice build cimoooooooo but I still want time lords, give me those and I promise you I’ll take the deck far. Give a guy a opportunity to show you what he’s capable of doing

grenija guy says:

One question how much whould it cost?

aiRCoft says:

Why run Afterburner over Raigeki?

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