Yu-Gi-Oh! The Problem with Extra Link!

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The Extra Link has become a big problem in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. With Link Summoning still in its infancy, I fear that the game will devolve to a point where the only goal will be to Extra Link the opponent, removing a lot of the game’s interactive elements.

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Jonathan Lociscek says:

Good point

The Gemini God says:

My problem with Links is that, you can have great decks without running any other summoning mechanics, but I can’t make a synchro spam deck without including links. Seriously, I feel it’s weird somebody is able to summon 5 link monsters using Link Summoning as the only Summoning mechanic from the extra deck turn 1, but not allowed to summon 3 Synchros without using another card type.

As for Extra Link, I’m going to put it simply. Who enjoyed when Domain Monarch was one of the most powerful decks in the meta?

DYLvice says:

This game is starting to suck

The Gemini God says:

Final point on Extra Link, I hate being forced to play cards that I don’t like playing, and seeing how I don’t like hand traps, I often end up asking dumb question, like, I’m playing this HERO deck, I’m going second, Gouki Extra Link has been made, how do I win from here?

Apoc Sentinel says:

Ive always played pure Kaijus with 3 Sphere Modes main decked, and i couldnt have asked for a better format. Idk why everyones so upset about the extra link mumbo jumbo lolz

Blender Owl Studios says:

You know yu gi oh isnt a resource based card game unless you count normal summons so how about limiting special summons per turn

TSS Presents says:

Whoever the genius is that decided extra linking is actually a thing, that you can even occupy both extra monster zones, should just lose there job.

The Gemini God says:

I also don’t like Effect Monster Link monsters because, they are supposed to be generic, but look at my name, I obviously like Gemini monsters, and they have enough troubles as it is, without making some of the “generic” monster a hard task to do

Fortune-cookie says:

What about link spells

Daniel Sterling says:

Why not make the extra monster zone to a regular monster zone

KiarOdyssey says:

remember when we broke synchro and then xyz and then pends. wow now links

Xxblade98xX says:

Extra linking your opponent out isn’t even the full problem now that gumblar is a thing, just a better version of the droll lock combo. Shame to see the meta game get to this state honestly.

Jacob Goertzen says:

I loved this game before links became relevant but now the game just feels like two people playing solitaire facing eachother :/ extra linking is less fun than going against an exodia player because at least you can play the game if they don’t draw all 5 pieces :p

imma boss says:

YuGiOh always been who brought out their boss monster first. What is this guy talking about?

Rob Hannington says:

I remember my first deck that was the time that was good to play

Jamichael Knight says:

Play Dragonball super responsive company productive band based on power of cards great card stock and art. Exciting mechanics promoting comebacks and interactive play.

Ken Adams says:

Couldn’t have said any of this better, Cimo.

I believe that Extra link is currently the one obstacle keeping this game from really shining. However, Duelists have a knack for Card or mechanic abuse. That’s just the nature of the Gamer though. It’s really up to Konami to regularly check an unhealthy game state.

Jaskarn Bajwa says:

Maxx C to three

Jay Morales says:

So as someone who hasn’t played Yu-Gi-Oh heavily, you guys went from one summoning mechanic that made the game a break my board or lose (Pendulum) to one that nerfed the previous one…and then became just as problematic(Links).

Jake Shively says:

Simple solution? Abolish MR4.

Seth Zitro says:

I honestly think that the Knightmares and Firewall are the main problems when it comes to Extra Link. As much protection as the Knightmares have make unbreakable Extra Links, it’s just impossible to get past unless, like you said, you have the perfect combo which may not even work because of hand traps and cards like Tri-Gate.

I hope Konami sees what is happening here with the Extra Link mechanic, because it is starting to destroy their game. I personally don’t care about Extra Link so long as that huge level of protection doesn’t come with it. Make your spell and traps be the reason your Extra Link is strong. It’s easier to break spell and traps and the monsters can be broken with strategy.

James Greene says:


night shadow says:

One solution is GHOST REAPER lol..as Cimo mentioned yes is not fun if you dont have a hand trap to go to game two. Its like not enjoying the game anymore

Takeshi Hanataro says:

This video clears the point perfectly for Konami to act in consequence. They need to limit how easy is to make extra linking now by, for example ban goblin or, if they don’t want this one expensive card to go, maybe cerberus or phoenix.

wedson soares says:

simply add the rule to the game: a player can only control one extra link zone

PJ says:

its dumb no extra link

izuru kamakura says:

Worker at Konami: let’s makes a extra deck monster that forces you to summon it to summon more extra deck monsters
Lucifer: don’t forget to add a mechanic where they can’t use those monsters even though we want them to

dabradmp1 says:

That’s why I only play duel links now. No BS like synchro, XYZ, pendulum, links

GenerationOf2012 says:

Lol can you defuse megafleet? And if you could, would your opponent get their card back?

joey martinez says:

I (somewhat) understand the link Summoning .I just don’t like how with other decks fusion,synchro,Xyz,or pendulum you can only have one extra deck monster on the field when it’s summon. Unless by GY. I play Synchro’s that’s Why

will simons says:

If we didn’t have the links the game would be too fast and it would be even less fun playing the game stop whining about link monsters

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