Yu-Gi-Oh! The Problem with the World Championship!

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The Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship should be the most exciting event of the year when it comes to competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! However, there are certain factors from both a player and viewer perspective that I feel could be changed to make the World Championship as epic as possible!

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raymond hartawan says:

From my experience, when i watched the finals last year, i dont feel the same experience as i watched duel links finals last year. From my perspective, i think the tournament need more interaction, like saying ‘draw!’, ‘i summon this monster’, etc. i think it will be more fun to watch.

Gamer Squadrent Alpha says:

Cimooooo: “If we were all unified…”
Me: “soyuz nerushimy”

K C says:

They did this documentary type series for the 2017 one. It was an after the fact looking back kind of thing, but they had interviews and personal stories and I absolutely agree that if they had those behind the scenes kind of videos coming out ongoing during the WC it would be so much better

ShadowGangGaming says:

Cimooooooo what is the banlist going to be for this tournament cause I heard it mixes the banlists

Zoodiac Beat, Drident Fur Hire says:

I was more hyped for the european championship than I am for the wcs right now… the wcs just feels… wrong 0.ô

Elow says:

Dinosaurs better not win again, can’t take another hit after denglong and litho

Kenki Titor says:

its not going to be available? so needlefiber will never be in tcg??? D: dont spook me bruh

Steven Smith says:

I agree about what you are saying about yugioh but you can’t really compare a card game to a sport as if they are the same

Inzektor Hornet says:

The only thing bad about the Worlds is that theres no variety

silentlofd Eris says:

I think the WCS celebration tournaments around the world thing is pretty good to make people actually care and try to play the format for fun though just temporarily, for the hype, or even compete for a chance to win the same prize the participants get.
I totally agree about the backstory stuff, it’s been lacking a massive amount of documentation about the individuals of the participants. Sports is more than just technical aspects, there are much more potential to it such as getting people emotionally attached to the people competing, it would be an effective promotion including to those who don’t even play the game. It’s been quite a waste of potential.

Jacob Thoman says:

I think you are absolutely right

Crimson Demonia says:

Imagine if our world was like even one of the Yu-Gi-Oh animes.

People would decide all conflicts with card games.

We would have holograms for this card game.

And the world championship would automatically be what it’s hyped up to be.

Gardiaura says:

It starts when the world ? Hour ? And where ?

TheCardGuy917 says:

You must’ve known I was gonna watch this by including the sports references

joemk2y says:

anyone check out the worlds 2017 documentary yet?

Mauristian 07 says:

We ALL live under the same sun, so why cant we ALL live under the same ban list?

That should be a shirt lol. . Amazing….yugioh…..content

Megacharge Z says:

The Real problem w/ Worlds is the prizes.

Tina Sprout says:

“Hardships they had to go through”

Pretty sure 90% would flat out answer “Konami”

Raistlin Paar says:

The game would benefit super hard from us being synchronized in releases and ban lists. Way less headache.

Walter Shoup says:

It’s Konami… You expect good decision and organizations?

Kevin iscloud says:

Well said cimo!

Alessandro Mazzacani says:

Completely agree: one format is what we should have, also inteviews would be really cool, and they would remove those pause moment that sometimes take up to 30 minutes, they could put interviews there. However, we all know there is a “cinderella team”, it’s Gabe, I hope he wins the world championship.

DortmunderJungs says:

Couldnt agree more. Already Love Worlds, because Worlds, but The Points you Bring Up are so true.

Snowy says:

This may sound stupid but if we have a global banlist how is konami gonna deal with the ocg having cards ahead of the tcg, and europe completely lagging behind?

jt888jfl Grantham says:

The fluffal community is still waiting for Patchwork. The competitive players are still waiting for needlefiber. Then, there is the hero players in the corners still waiting for Stratos to be unbanned. Still waiting for Konami to improve YUGIOH and to merge the tcg and the Ocg
NO MORE NEW SUMMONING MECHANICS TILL THEY IMPROVE THE GAME. Give better support to red eyes and give other support to archetypes.

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