Yu-Gi-Oh! Top 5 Competitive Budget Decks for the May 2018 Format!

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Some players may not be able to afford cards like Infinite Impermanence, Evenly Matched, or all of the Hand Traps necessary to compete in today’s competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! format. But today, I present you with five yugioh budget decks that are competitively viable for the May 2018 format!

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The SILLY luchadore of db says:

No lair of darkness?

Brony HasNotLeftKanata says:

Maybe run Metaltron in Dracos with Last Warrior, you know if your actually good.

Marco Soto says:

I think dinos can do pretty well but hopefully not well enough that they hit oviraptor and murder the deck, i really enjoy it #DINOMASTERRACE 4 LIFE i play lost world dinos and have done really well against way stronger decks ( pendulum, true draco, spryals etc.) i always find a creative way to out them. A little personal thing i like to run is quaking and swords of concealing light, cause no one expects battle traps and swords of concealing bait negates or completely stop effects if they cant then i otk only downside is links are unaffected i hope i can play dinos forever 🙂

Andrew Walker says:

Gem-Knight FTK is still a budget deck and it still works.

sjef abcaas says:

Don t underestimate abc mark my words

Ivan Kušek says:

If you wanna win pick up Ele sabers and essential counters to meta like red reboot and waking the dragon and gl meta

Simon André says:

Where’s the counter fairies?!

Jurre de Mare says:

Honestly, i’ve been suprised by how cheap the altergeist core is. For 80 euro’s I got all core cards, and if you opt not to play infinite, there are no expensive must haves in the deck. (Linkuriboh is not legal here, so not gonna count that as part of the deck) Stuff like torrential, anti-spell, rivalry of warlords, duality and desires all have major reprints and/or low rarity, and if you were on time to get the solemn strikes for cheap you can include those as well. You should be able to build the deck for less than 150 euro’s.

Hamza Mohamed says:

Can you do a dinosaur deck plz

Super Sushini Bros Deluxe Edition says:

i suggest lunalights

Ridwan Azmi says:

I think Phantasm Spiral Metalfoes+ Heat wave is budget competitive deck too

Oscar Gardea says:

How big is the budget

Bard Ult from Downtown says:

Top 5 soy formulas for May 2018! -Soymoooooo

UtopicYuGiOh says:

“All Ftk’s got adressed…” Dude, you don’t stand a chance against my mighty spark ftk!! ;p

sjef abcaas says:

I got a spicy 2 card combo end board mermaid buster gryphon

gravemind76 says:

I noticed cimmo must really not like or respect infernoid because even when infernoid top nats ysc etc he just won’t respect them. They recently today came second at another nats.

Austin Kyle says:

So we hand and endless amount of special summons per turn, and we have a few cards that give you another normal summon, I wonder if they will ever print a card that gives you an extra pendulum summon???

Paul Lantigua says:

Cimoooooooo you’re a Vegas Golden Knights fan? Nice!

Lord trolldemort says:

#1 shapesnatch and sparks burn

Petar Zivanovic says:

well, lair of darkness proved to me that it can fuck up any meta deck due to viruses.. but still misses 1-2 good cards to be tier 1, same as vendreads 😀

Dark Scream says:

I have like 3 ABC players at my locals

LaurentDespatie says:

Gem knight FTk is still a thing

Tokipi the 1st says:

100 to 150 dollars. I can barely do 40

Cantina Smuggler says:

Are there any extra deck cards that really benefit dinos? I run the structure deck with a Kaiju engine and I use some rank 4 xyz’s, but that’s it, haven’t really thought of anything in particular

Guy who tries to live life says:


adrian silva says:

Ritual beast !!!!!!!

Furball John says:

Only thing i disagree with is paleo being a good deck choice. with sleeper back, it will suffer the same as in spyral format with sleeper popping 2 during end phase and 2 during standby phase. sooo….idk about paleo

I can't th1nk of A b3tt3r name says:

Anyone else remember this time last year when a guy forgot his stuff in his hotel room so he ran to walmart and got 3 of the dino structure deck then proceeded to top with the damn deck I don’t remember the regional but I was like win one for budget

Alex Heldt says:

Golden Knights!

Me and Your GF Did The Deed says:

Wrong about Draco. I felt it was viable at first, but then I lost 3 straight to Lair Virus annd that deck isn’t even the best variant of a tier 2 TOPS deck… Without masterpiece, you can’t deal with Diabolos very easily. 3k body with tribute immunity and can’t be targeted is rough for Draco. And even if you manage to take it out, it will just come back. Also, no true out to UTC. You’ll try to pop it with a trap and you’ll still end up face down and ran over with the weak defense. Evenly Matched shuts out Drago. Ghost Bell and Ash Blossom stop any advantage they can get. A well set Impermanence shuts down the whole strategy. Red Reboot locks them down on the monster pops. They honestly dont have a place in this meta right now. I really wanted them to be good, but honestly. A better choice is Weather Painter True King. Diagram (Teraforming = 6 copies) on Phoenix (if you open 2 diagrams this is simple and likely) to search Vanisher and Fathomer, Celestial Transformation/Valhalla (6 special summoners) to summon any Painter (all but 3 Pheonix, 2 Fathomer, 1 Vanisher, 1 Kristya, 6 Diagram, 3 Snowy Canvas *searchable searcher Painters*, 3 Thundery Canvas, and 6 fairy special summoning cards), summon Snow to search her own canvas, Vanisher pops Fathomer and Sun to summon self and Pheonix), Sun pops Snowy Canvas for any Canvas to summon himself, link for Rainbow, summon VFD, stun the next turn with VFD, bring Sun back with his in grave effect during your turn, activate Snowy Canvas to search Thunder, summon Thunder, pop Snowy Canvas to activate Thundery Canvas, Sun returns from banished, and you have one more turn of VFD stun, and 3 interupts (Sun, Thunder, and Rainbow). Nothing short of Lava Golem or Sphere Mode breaks that board.

FTK bRICk39 says:

Why now paleo argue with master?

Francis Bartoszewski says:

I’m budget enough to not be able to afford ash blossom and to stubbornly wait for the diagram reprint rather than pay current prices.
But then I’m not budget enough that I have a max rarity six samurai deck including the triple Ultimate rare Shi En’s. Because priorities

David Springall says:

So nothing about the extra deck?????

I swear the extra deck is like the same price as most main decks so I would love to see some actual videos about alternatives to say the top 5 or 10 common extra deck cards!!!

Jason Clark says:

Those common Called By The Graves have made things far cheaper.

I think one of the things that makes Pendulums so resilient is that so long as you can establish your scales, and have some sort of link monster opening up your Extra Deck zones, your monsters are never really gone. They go away, next turn you dump two or three down again.

I’m quite partial to the colourful, entertaining, Performapals myself.

league of pingu -01 says:

Where is the video made by dzeeff in your channel? I want to hear him with a excited voice

wonderllama6 says:

I’m sorry, but no deck that needs 3 Diagram and 3 Card of Demise can be considered “budget”!

Don Burgess says:

Thank you for supporting budget players.

Reeaz Alli says:

Love dino

pedro13698 says:

150$ is NOT a budget deck..

Cardy says:

Wait where are my cardians? #Kappa Now serious: With the new Synchro and without Masterpiece AND the new Rules the Deck could be at least a good rogue deck. I know it shouldn’t be on this list,but i wanna know your thoughts on it =D

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