Yu-Gi-Oh! Top 5 Competitive Budget Decks for the October 2018 Format!

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Some players may not be able to afford cards like Infinite Impermanence or Sky Striker Engage to be able to compete in today’s competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! format. But today, I present you with five yugioh budget decks that are competitively viable for the October 2018 Format…some of which can even afford to play hand traps!

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THE ZIZ says:

After seeing this I only have one question…. how do I get that shirt?

The Hulk says:

Why is everyone hating on Cyber Dragon? CD had multiple tops in all 3 YCS’ yet only a hand full of ppl r talking about it smh

Josue Alcantara says:

Kozmo 😀

john mcmasters says:

Uhh minus like call and some links raidraptors is verry much a budget deck

Edin Rizovic says:

Phantom knights?

Sarah Shwartze says:

Crusadia still missing 2 cards to be at full power once they get it they will be scarier

darklink9922 says:

Anyone got a good crusadia deck?

Bladecharge says:

What about alterguist without imprureance

K W.S says:

That shirt is beautiful

Bacon Sir says:

BA should be the pic for any of these videos

Funtime Freddy says:

Why do people say iso is going to be banned if you get rid of other cards like summon sorceress and firewall dragon what would you make with it a link 4?

cocos hmimo says:

I’ve been sitting on my exciton for like two years. Finally my dino deck will unleash it’s power bwahahahahaha

Junaid Rasul says:

Hey what editing software do you use

TheKillergopher 87 says:

What about a Phantasm Spiral Dragon deck. It seems good to me.

shock_wave3000 says:

Hold up where is Cyber Dragon?! It should be an honorable mention

The Chinese Russian says:

Can we get a 2018 Burning Abyss budget profile?

game shocker 2.0 says:

Hey anyone I need help with the links, okay so saryujah skull dread link 4 rating monster can I use scapegoat and use 3 of them to link for a 3 rating monster and use that and the other token for saryujah and when a link monster points up to your opponents field or your field can you use that arrow for links of your own

Oba-Heru-Ra Dacosta says:

Awesome video…. The Shirt and info kept me compelled.

Random Guy With Big Nose says:

I don’t go to YCS to win.
I go to steal victories from others.

Kaibaman el TCG master says:

Bro, I am about to finish my True Draco build, so let’s Top with the best undead Deck!

Da Boss Gaming says:

Gavinator OmegoLOL

Joseph Cusack says:

BA is not rogue. It’s a top tier deck. it is consistently winning major events. large numbers dont matter because out of 500 if only 2 people are BA and 250 are sky strikers and one of those 2 BA wins, but if you are going along numbers only like the true definition of ‘meta’ then you have an argument. IMO the deck has never really stopped being a tier 1 deck.

Jacky says:

where the fuck are kozmos

Janzaid Diaz says:

Theres like hundreds of different decks in yugioh why doesn’t the player base just ignore the meta as a message to Konami to stop createing decks literaly pay to win and i shouldn’t have to pay the same amount of a gaming console for 3 cards that don’t make no sense

De'Angelo Rebelutionary Bates says:

Stay tuned for the revival of the blackwings

TBoneTony says:

When it comes to the Crusadia deck, I would rather combine it with Amazoness or even the Harpies, a mixture of an old or a few old decks to give Crusadia the power it needs especially when it comes to combining the attack power with those link monsters to give them a much needed boost in attack as well as Crusadia Vanguard to force the opponent to only attack the Link Monster that is over powered.

Edward Rodriguez says:

Ba isn’t budget because of the extra deck in the good version that topped the ycs’s it’s easily a 250-300 dollar deck

Spyros Sakellariou says:

Budget? BUDGET? Every single deck is budget. The staples aren’t. Both in the main deck, extra deck amd side deck.

TubbyToadInc says:

You just once im wait for cimooooo to put gravekeepers on this list i was really hoping to see it what with the new support right around the corner

Izona Hatsuse says:

Hyper like

Lapahn says:

Edit: No deck lists in the description for the top 5 decks 🙁

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