Yu-Gi-Oh! Top 5 Meta Decks for the March 2019 Format!

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With the conclusion of YCS Dusseldorf and the Las Vegas UDS Invitational, the March 2019 competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! format is starting to solidify! So today I bring to you my Top 5 Meta Decks for the March 2019 Format!

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jefreestyles says:

Where are my Salamangreat playmats? I told TeamSamX to get on that like 6 months ago.

ShadowMare Z says:

Cimo-“Dangers just make everything balanced” ….Except for the fact that they’re so broken everyone is forced to use them or else they automatically lose…Ban Dangers!

Joel Chin-Sue says:

I wonder how the next meta will be with the upcoming Witchcraft Archetype. It actually kind of works well with Sky Strikers since they send Spells to the GY

computer geek says:

Every month i wait for this video!I love this concept

Hoang Phuc says:

banlist no earlier than February

aBSoLuTHaVoK Gaming says:

Where would I (as a new player) buy a complete deck like those? I don’t see them on Amazon or at Target/Wal-Mart…

Iota Ceti says:

Stop putting a deck in the top 5 meta JUST BECAUSE they top at one fucking event. I’m sick of this crap lmfao

Nikolaus Weihnachtesmann says:

I love you Cimo, pls show me some love back 🙁

Sepharite says:

Just bought salamangreat deck. Can’t wait to play you guys!

Mohamed Al-Baker Mehdi says:

Exactly as expected

Jeremy Adkins says:

Can Danger Orcust be built on the cheap? I found enough Orcust cards in my collection to make a semi, decent engine, and I’ve got most of the Danger monsters (but no Nessie, yet), but I don’t have the money for the more expensive Extra Deck cards like Unicorn, Borrelsword Dragon, etc.

God Zapp says:

I thought Crusadia Guardragon would be in that list

Vexilor says:

Seriously fuck zombies. My mate built a zombie deck to counter my thunder dragon deck and you literally can do fuck all if you don’t have removal. I hate decks that just make you stop playing yugioh and your opponent gets to play and you don’t. Fuck zombies

Cin Eyina says:

Orcust wouldn’t be meta…. If we didn’t have 40 upstart goblins *cough* *cough* DANGERS

RELLIX says:

I expected Prank-kids to be on here tbh. Guess not

Joshua Klink says:

A deck we’ve know since YCS Chicago, ad comes on, zyrtec. XD

ShadowRealmFox says:

*I am still gonna stick with Trickstars and just hope they get another strong card down the line.*

C M says:

If I had the money to make a viable Trickstar deck Id take 1st at every event

De ano xD says:

Sky strikers won and occurst .. Rep doesn declare position in meta wins do … Sala shud b 3 ss 1 ocurst 2

Magician2086 says:

I think Salamangreat are overhyped. Top 3 deck? yeah. Best deck? No. I can’t really see them shit on every other decks. They are as good as Thunder Dragon Danger and Sky Striker.

Jordan Young says:

I been saying it in every video lately. It’s a great time to play Barrier Statues.
Oh its table 500
Well you’re wrong. But who’s gonna know because no body dares to try it

Mage of Ancients says:

I don’t play Thunder Dragons, but I just feel so bad for them rn. Can the Deck just make its place in history and win a YCS or pro tournament already?

Dante Dobbins says:

Ive made a pharoh’s return structer deck with ankuriboh and the new exodia monster

DJHammer222 says:

I still feel like Nekroz is being slept on still, but I guess that’s just me. If Konami goes braindead for a hot second and semi limits Unicore or something like that, it’s done, Nekroz is coming back.

joseph miller says:

If you play it right you can actually can put up materials for both azathot and cali yuga in case thry do kaiju the odd-eyes and have the 2nd option to go into azathot in pendulums. My build can do it fine and i am not running the Cerberus engine

Alexis Alcantara says:

Timelord-kaiju-trains… Next top meta deck

The Dark says:

>thinks Salad is better than Sky. LOL

Adam Tait says:

You forgot to mention that Draco could also abuse that monarch stormforth is at 3 now.

Link3000XD says:

i See galatrea, i click. she best gurl, need oil and headpats. poor iblee thing…

TheOmegaCheese Gaming says:

I defeated 2 salamangreat players with my guardragon blue eyes/plant deck.
I see the potential but its so easy to counter :/

Luan Borges says:

where is the prank kids?

[Mr.][Asian][Guy] [Plays][Video][Games] says:

1) How to counter guru control: pros will side in LIGHT OF INTERVENTION and ROYAL COMMAND. Stop losing to this shitty deck that OCG has put on the bench

2) How to counter pendulum: Anti-spell fragrance, twin twister, S/T removals. stop losing to a deck that is meant to be dead.

3) How to counter true draco: Mask of restric is NOT the answer. Red reboot, S/T removals, Trisbaena, evenly match the hell of them.

Franz Janganieri Barbosa says:

Thunder Dragon will die in the next banlist, I can feel that.

Future IzNow says:

My dear pendulums…. I’ll never give up on you. #GiveUsBackDoubleIris

Beasty Familia says:

so that fact that lair infernoids have been doing well since they have built in dd crows, solid match over thunder dragon and most of the time can pop out negates too…well ok fair enough

Yanai Gatterer says:

And my friends asking me why I’m not going to the tournament. It’s not fun like 4 years ago (i was Nekroz player)

alexander pech says:

The problem is, if konami hit Sky Striker or thunder dragon with the upcoming list, salamengreat is completely without (seriously) competitors and it would develop to a tier 0 format like zoo

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