Yu-Gi-Oh! Top 5 Meta Decks for the May 2018 Format!

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The Yu-Gi-Oh! May 2018 Banlist has finally arrived! While the banlist won’t go into effect until almost the end of the month, with a new set being released, several Regionals, and YCS New Jersey on the horizon, today I bring to you what I believe are the Top 5 Meta Decks going into the May 2018 Format!

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Oreo Blizzard says:

I got out of competitive Yugioh for 2 years because I moved to Australia, now that I am moving back to the US and picked up my deck for the format this was the first video I had to watch! My favourite Yugituber!(:

SupremeKiller242 says:

I still think abc is a force to be reckoned with knightmare. I’m playing a version with galaxy soldier and heavy mech support armor and went undefeated at my locals with some very good players last weekend and infinity is still a strong card. Makes my opponent have to out it with two cards. Now sure if my opponent opens a hand trap it sucks or kaiju. but if they don’t this is an ideal hand to have. Galaxy, hangar and support armor in hand. So you hangar into a B then send B to grave for soldier and get its effect to add another one then normal summon support armor to get back the B you sent for soldier then equip A from the deck with hangar then link into qliphort genius with armor and the B then you get B’s and A’s effect so then you get C from the deck with B and armor back with A. Next you send C to the grave for the second soldier and overlay into nova then infinity and then make your dragon buster. Then when your next turn happens you can go off and wreck your opponent by linking into more stuff and dropping more busters.

JefJef Amores says:


babystomper 3000 says:

Infernoid dark lair is good with master peace gone

Aiden James says:

I think True Draco is going a bit underrated, getting their control mons back they have the exact same monster count; just no sitting on master peace, but more plusses++

JefJef Amores says:

The cure to altergiest is your old friend jinzo

Aaron Mesa says:

Hey, where did find the meta chart in TCG?

creepotronknight says:

Dis in a hole altergeist

MrChaos010 says:

ive got an way to stop brandish run 3 anti spell in your side deck

Angel Ran says:

My top 5

George Ioakeimidis says:

Where is Dinosaurs ?

Vector Storm says:

Give your hands a rest

kcsupersonic1 says:

I love how people were so down on Brandish Maidens when they first got announced but now everyone is jumping on the hype train and realizing how much advantage they give you. I’m sad that they couldn’t stay a secret under-the-radar pick forever or at least til they came out in the TCG. I kind of had the same feeling about Brandish Maidens when they were announced as I did Ritual Beasts when that deck was first announced but while I was able to build Ritual Beasts cheap because everyone was onboard with Nekroz, it doesn’t seem likely to be the case with Brandish Maidens this time around.

Dante Alighieri, Il Bullo Di Firenze says:

Gouki and altergeist meta? This is surely a dream

Feuan Mo says:

Brandish has too many weaknesses to be considered top. (anti spell, naturia beast, twin twisters, evenly matched, droll and lock bird…)

Jared Bolton says:

I got a idea of a patron grand champjonship.

M3rtyville says:


Andrew is a shadow says:

I have to disagree on spyral being better than gouki. It’s better going second for sure, but spyral has consistency issues. Gouki, on the other hand, might be the most consistent deck of the format. Aside from droll and lock, the deck can still make a great board playing through hand traps.

Ever Trejo says:

So no dinosaur, ABC, Zefra, World Chalice, paleozoic, etc?

DerpyMcSquigginz72 says:

It’s weird to hear my username being said

Red Hood says:

Hey cimoo could you please update spyrals since you ancient fairy dragon is banned and all, I’m not too good with ideas for this deck since I started playing it not too long ago btw love your vids man.

Andres Oleas says:

Great Video Cimo.

Can’t believe you didn’t mention ABC tho. It has won a couple of Nats even

Ethan Jordan says:

Despite being in my home state I can’t go to ycs New Jersey because I’m going to see SLAYER!!! on the same day 🙂 🙁

Gravity Gas says:

#1 Weather Painters

Mikey Hynes says:

Trick star nightshade is a 2 trick star bloom

ヒットHit says:

Don’t you dare sleep on Cyber Dragons….they’re coming

iBenjamin1000 says:

I hear you on the comparison btwn sky striker and zoodiac but I’m kind of wondering how long it’ll be before the community is able to move past zoo like it’s a really bad break-up. Like I’ve never heard someone say an archetype is the new dragon rulers or something. I guess maybe that means zoodiac wasn’t the most powerful archetype ever in the game because konami has made more archetypes that play like them whereas the dragon rulers are still banned?

Jared Bolton says:

U know mega capital g will be so proud altergiest are meta

ziggziggyl says:

Is this guy on something?? He’s shaking hah

Nathan Denning says:

ur 2 deck is wrong

Tomefaire says:

I usually don’t find the top decks of a given format very fun to play, at least recently. Now, Altergeist and pure Skystriker are two decks I love to play, so I’m very much looking forward to this format.

Hyoroemon Meto says:

While watching this, a Maxx C crawing in my leg. That’s how engaging This video is.

The Elite Gamer says:

#UnbanPotOfGreed well atleast limit it to 1 like they did with monster reborn

creepotronknight says:

BAN SLEEPER. I comment lots

UnNabboDiPixelGun 3D says:

Altergeist?more like altergay

Molly Winchester says:

keep it up cimo! love these vids!

Humorr_ says:

So, what is my best cherries target now?

Scott Harris says:

Brandish isn’t going to be #1. I’ve been testing them ever since they were revealed and while they are a fantastic splash engine, the 2 links that will be coming out in the set have a serious problem overcoming large walls that can protect themselves from targeting (don’t know if the third link is going to be in the set but doesn’t make that much of a difference in this regard)

Rafael Fernandez says:

I don’t get Altergeist. I mean they’re clearly doing well, getting tops at regional everywhere you look, but I have never once lost to them. Maybe I’ve only ever played against bad players of the deck, but I don’t know how they’ve been doing so well.

WayPastTheNorm says:

not even an honorable mention for dinos? Wow I guess not many people are still playing it. Still my favorite though

anan bob says:

I don’t know about Spyrals. Have tried multiple builds from other Yugitubers and it still feels very inconsistent. The amount of times I’ve drawn masterplan/Mission rescue/sleeper to an extent

jacooo says:

What do you think about paleofrogs in this meta?

JefJef Amores says:

Still waiting for monarchs back in action

creepotronknight says:

I have a trickstar combo. Dimension guardian on holly angel, and link summon Bella Madonna to her right link. You’ll have a indestructible Bella madona

Michael Mello says:

Fucking hate Trickstars and Altergeist

Michael Mello says:


Zekrom249 says:

So, no difference

Snezonic says:

Someone help? 30$ Dinosmasher Deck or 30$ Lair of Darkness deck?

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