Yu-Gi-Oh! Top 5 Most ANNOYING Cards of 2019!

As the Yu-Gi-Oh wheel turns and powerful cards get banned, new ones come to take their places! Here are 5 of the cards that annoy us the most to play against! What about you?

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Andrés Mena García says:

Could somebody tell me the name of the song playinf on the background?

Zeroforce14 says:

Raigeki and Solemn Judgement are the most annoying cards

TheShrekMaster 87 says:

Begone thot

Edreen Pasang says:

I miss the day when magic and trap are the support we need . Now none of that required .

Christopher Porter says:

Borrelsword is cancer

NinjaTerd473 says:

Ill cry over Azathot because I’ve never really gotten to use her. I can probably get Nyarla if I really want and try, but my win condition for my dark deck is within viruses and banishment.

RaF KiNs says:

honest, TT on your first turn,final count down and the decks that run them

CringeCrafter Masters says:

1:20 half my deck is spell and traps!

Entiende Mierda says:

AzaTHOT should indeed be gone.

Whyareall says:

Search an archetype card
Draw another card
Not hard OPT

Pick all

Fuck Sky Striker Engage

Danger Noodle TCG says:

Let’s be honest if we hit Danger Thunder Dragons arent that great

Detroit Rell says:

Evenly matched is the most balanced card in the tcg

Brump !! says:


jesse wicklund says:

I have a huge question to ask

Would it be possible to send you guys a cyberse deck with a few constellers and more and have you review and see if all in all it would work for competitive

Nala Nat says:

Dark Hole/Raigeki @ 1
Evenly matched @ 3

Konami’s logic is hard to understand.

Yeonwoo01 says:

how exactly can sky strikers make borrelsword?

nharviala says:

What I hate the most about Evenly Matched isn’t how inaccurate its name is, nor how utterly imbalanced the card is, but how it spits into the face of card design. You have something immune to traps? Too bad, Evenly hits it. You have something that can’t be banished? Too bad, Evenly hits it. Evenly is easily a case of ATROCIOUS card design coming through. I really don’t think it should also be able to be activated from hand, either. You want that powerful effect? Work for it!

Elkin the goat dragon says:

This combo would make your opponent lose their mind.

Borrelsword Dragon + Fairy Meteor Crush who agrees?

Ketín Joe Espíritu Melgarejo says:

just wait for astram to come out

Phillygerm says:

4:29 what card?

Powerfully Pointless says:

Ngl, I love the Entity monsters specfically becauase I’m such a big Lovecraft fan. So the fact that they’re so reviled hurts a little. Tbh tho I just want a full archetype, not just extra deck monsters. They don’t even have to be good. I just want to have them.

Dr.Riff M.D. says:

Bring back Maxx C

Cristian says:

It’s like ppl hate on every card that’s OP

Hit ??? says:

So the lord of d is not over powered

RaF KiNs says:

i forgot any card that takes control of my cards ie mind control

TheRicanBlaze says:

Hopefully you guys can reply to this but what is the best starter deck i can get right now? I about thinking of pendulum domination

Sermon King says:

What about saryuja skull dread???? Most annoying card right now

CringeCrafter Masters says:

If u tribute 4 monsters level 4 your apponent can’t normal or special summon as long as he’s on the field. If you tribute 5 level 4s you can once per turn destroy every card your apponent controls

Adam Whittome says:


CringeCrafter Masters says:

Number 86: Heroic Champion Rhongomyniad is the most annoying and sweatiest card I have

Josh Hammond says:

R.I.P Norden you deserved better

Stephen Palomo says:

Evenly matched is the worst because most the cards to counter it arent to viable to play

league of pingu -01 says:

Why no sky striker cards? Widow anchor is super annoying

CommandoMario says:

Colossus wasn’t, at least to me, as annoying as a lot of people make it out to be. My Satellarknights matched up (and won) against Thunder Dragons at my most recent regional primarily because I focused on negating Colossus, be it through Fiendish Chain, Stellarnova Alpha, Solemn Warning/Strike

APA Legends says:

Team APS! I enjoy watching your content so much. I find it awesome how doing something your passionate about can turn into a source of income. I’ve started my own channel with my friends and will be doing yugioh content. I dont have many subs tho. Any tips on how to get subscribers or even subscribing to me would be greatly appreciated.

SpectralArrow says:

No point in banning azzathot, after dark neostorm orcust decks all gonna do this same thing with True king of all calamities

demonic ninjas walker says:


micro penis says:

The new Time Thief XYZ is annoying.

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