Yu-Gi-Oh! Valkyrie Cards Have Finally Arrived!

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The Valkrie cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Grand Championship season of the anime are finally being released into the physical trading card game! Being released in Shadows in Valhalla, will Mischief of the Time Goddess be just as broken as it was in the anime? Let’s talk about it!

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Pedro Auter says:

I’ve been waiting so long for this! i really hope Konami realeases a full set someday~ im gonna get them all just because of nostalgia.

Peake Performance says:

This seems like a fun deck to play tho

Akira2805 says:

I predict over time, this archetype will become a competetive part of the game with either further support, or someone brainstorms an idea and splashes an engine into it to make it more viable. Either way, I too very much look forward to this archetypes release. A personal fan favorite of mine since I saw it used in the anime.

Christopher Aponte says:

Am i the only one who loves the fact cimoooo tries to use the original pronunciation of the German names?

FebruarysChronicles says:

Resetting all once per turn effects on your own turn seems interesting. wondering if that would be made broken.

Death Gun says:

Celestial Transformation lol

Sam MacDhubh says:

Valhalla’s gonna get hit because of these cards, calling it now 😛

Alejandro Cortes says:

You could play this girls with Timelords and Celestial Transformation you could stall and do some burn damage with Timelords and then finish the game with Valks.

Vince "Out Of Touch" McMahon says:

I already pre-ordered 4 boxes.

Lee Murtagh says:

I love the videos moo man!!

Magician2086 says:

It’s a nice fun deck….at most but can’t do a single thing against meta, even worse if your opponent goes first or has Ash in hand if you go first.

Goosey Q. says:

Can u say honest and united we stand for an otk

Trevor Munoz says:

So mischiefs effect of skipping the battle phase only works with Valkyries? I can’t use this card in any other deck?

Random Casual Artist says:

i hope no one play this deck

G.A.M .E.S says:

Dude imagine if yugioh actually turn out like the show in the future with the virtual reality and you can wear valons monsters on your body dude that would be so awesome I hope his cards are really awesome tho.

AntiBullingNation says:

Nibelung’s Ring and Nibelung’s Treasure would help the deck work better

game shocker 2.0 says:

Okay when you said skip to your battle phase I just said “bullshit” seriously theres no way man

DragonAlchemist0 says:

Wasn’t ride of the valikrye’s suppose to be a quick play like mischief if the time goddess? Don’t remember if that how the show final season depicted as.

Gaming How says:

You can use the goddess continuous spells to special the sacred beast that requires spells.

lord Yubel says:

Yes cimoooooooo I’m more excited for this than a virgin boy about to become a man

Alexis The Transgender Duelist says:

So we’re ignoring that somehow the word goddess isn’t be g censored

New Generation Painters NGP inc says:

Omg valons armor deck was bad ass especially the duel against joey

ZeeNyteCG says:

working in build as we speak honest forsure is a staple. But so far the deck kinda lack luster

Random Casual Artist says:

wow, cimoo watch the anime

Yeti Rocket says:

I hope we get Loge’s Flame, Nibelung’s Ring and Treasure (Without the draw 5), Rainbow Bridge Bifrost, and Enchanted Sword Nothung. Magical Alms would also be nice, but I think if that card was printed some duels would take WAY too long to end.

Richard Welch says:

I’ll make it work.

Christian Mennitt says:

What about Dartz’ remaining cards/

Mystic-san says:

it combo well with mekk-knight purple nightfall, or Psy Framelord Omega – banish itself before the end of battle phase.
that way we can get more attacks in 2 battle phase than just the valkyrie monsters.

lucky naturia says:

you can utilize downbeat in this archtype

Chargeable121 says:

…at the time of watching this video, Mishief of the time godess isnt in YGOPro?

Tim Tran says:

Can we all just appreciate how well Valhalla fits in this deck, both mechanically, and thematically?

Gaming How says:

How does Mischief work with time rules? Can you just not activate it at the end of battle phase when in time?

Not Enough Subs says:

Valhalla will make the deck beast asf

wolfloverify says:

celestial transformation…. wonder if this card could work

David Carrasco says:

How does Verdandé interact with monsters that can’t be set like Infernoids?

MrMak2121 says:

Great vid bruh!!!

CodeError1001 says:

Why you forget about transmodify?

kish45 says:

I am thinking of combining Valkyries with Melodious since some of the Cards in the deck can help boost the Valkyries attack and summon them to the field if the player does not have Ride of the Valkyries like Celestial Transformation, Photon Lead, Transmodify, Valhalla, Sonata, and Schuberta.

Adam Stevens says:

As many people have pointed out, generic Fairy support like Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen will really help this deck. Also, even if you don’t OTK with Ride + Mischief, because Mischief skips the End Phase of the turn Ride was activated, you’ll get to keep all your monsters. In Main Phase 2, you can then start going into Link plays. There’s potential here.

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