Yu-Gi-Oh VRains: Episode 15 REVIEW

The conclusion of the Ghost Girl VS Playmaker duel! Let me know all your thoughts down below! = D

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Yu-Gi-Oh VRains: Episode 15 REVIEW


darky scythe says:

Just fine ghost girl monsters weird? Idk why they dont give her a female deck like the other girls rhey have cute and sexy female monsters. Her skill is good

stoutzoo says:

um yugioheverything its gagaga gardna not gogogo gardna

killerqueen2000 says:

ema x yusaku. ema bed scene was hot lol. ema’s skill requires still shots on her ass and boobs. awesome

Vastnula Nokia says:

Yusaku’s look on his face when he desperately went out of his way to save Emma was interesting. So much emotion present on his face like he was afraid to lose someone again possibly.

13KuriMaster says:

This is how you know Ema is Ms.Fanservice for this series…… when she activated her skill and her strips light up, they focused on the ones of her chest and rear to show they were lighting up.

And given Ema’s personality, it is not hard to think she made it that way on purpose.

BradPlaysGames says:

Bro the end of this episode like the final minute was the most relaxing moment in Yu-Gi-Oh History I stg. I felt at peace with myself.

Dread Knight says:

Emma’s Skill is called Secret Cure

Also notice something about the Excode Talker. It was pretty much Konami giving Yusaku his BS asspull so that he could lockdown Emma’s Altergeist effect, which really says a lot about Protagonist RNG, and how well Emma actually did in the duel for Konami to give this asinine excuse for a monster that was only good for that specific situation.

Also had it been in a Master Duel and Yusaku still had Excode Talker, it’s effect would still have been shit and Emma would have still activated her Altergeist to negate the attack. Yusaku will probably use Excode during Speed Duels only.

Moha Moha says:

They try to make storm access epic even though it’s just an ass pull bullshit.

EdenSphinxTV says:

The highlight of the episode is obviously the subtle PlaymakerxGhostGirl shipping lol. It felt like I was watching a Batman/Catwoman anime or something. Unfortunately, Ignis was Robin…

Ieshia Glover says:

Oh boy…that scene of Playmaker saving Ghost Girl is going to spawn so many shipping memes!

Cornelius Sublette says:


Canaan_Crystal wing says:

The new code taker i think excode is my favorite with the multiple attks and shut down effect which is helpful in the speed duel format. Looks cool also it was excode effect he had two effects

Canaan_Crystal wing says:

Ghost girl was great she seems like top tier duelist. With the amount of control her deck have at buliding her field love it. Plus she loves be cutesy and sexual as she duels so yeah still kinda terrible person but you got to love her. Hopeful go and blue angel could catch up

Jay Upadhya says:

Yugioh Everything you did not get any copyright strikes it is Pegasus he hacked into your computer to steal your Soul

Arturo Sanchez-Rojas says:

The music in this episode is intense which is awesome and the debut of Excode Talker as well! Hope that Ghost Girl doesn’t get too many losses, if so then we have a problem. Nice review Dylan, keep up the work.

Excalibur says:

3 things
did anyone else get the inkling yusaku was kinda like joseph joestar with always being one step ahead and planned out everything?
i love how ignis’s line near his eyes shows emotion like smiling, doing the cat thing, the ( thing as well, brilliant
can we get #YusakuxEma trending?

Canaan_Crystal wing says:

I ain’t going to lie the pigeon and Yamamoto have some beastly editing skills all the horrible shots with him flying around and speaks over the duel bad at sometimes. My boys is go ham in his man cave editing these specials we see they make

Canaan_Crystal wing says:

I got to say that secene ghost girl and playmaker shipping fuel, first thing I thought while watching. Lock out gardna remind me of Ga ga gardna really like that card

maple wings says:

I like the way they have changed the previously goofy looking time consuming link summon animation to something much more awsome

Zeo says:

9:45 I think he kinda did need to save Emma cause if she died or got logged or whatever would have happened to her if he didn’t help her, Yusaku would have probably not been able to get access to Sol Tech’s data banks like he wanted that she had.

Gogetaspongeboblover says:

Yusaku needs to stop using his skill every speed duel.

podcastbard says:

Thank you to all of you who do the fan art.

Robert Bodell says:

To be fare Yusaku also probably saved Emma because otherwise he wouldn’t get the backdoor code to SOL techs mainframes if she ended braindead in a coma

King Fubuki says:

I see below people discuss the possibility of the Ignis and the code Talker’s being related….. rather than retype something I came up with a week ago, I’m just gonna copy paste it from a wiki I typed it on. This is obviously from when Excode was first revealed.

“The biggest part though is that we now have a third code Talker monster. And something occurred to me as I saw it. We’ve had so far code Talker’s in DARK (Decode), LIGHT (Encode), now WIND (Excode), and when looking at Decode’s body, it’s non-armor body looks similar to Ai, just more detailed. We know that Ai isn’t the only Ignis, as five others were shown trapped with the Cyberse, each one colored in the corresponding colors to each attribute, Ai being DARK of course. And how does Playmaker get the code Talker’s? Tapping into the Data Storm, which pulls cards from the CYBERSE, the exact same location the other five Ignis were last seen. It could be possible the code Talker’s are meant to represent the Ignis, or are made from their data, hence Decode looking like an armored Ai. If we get a FIRE, EARTH, and female WATER code Talker, then that strengthens my theory.”

So while I’ve seen that they are based on the Ignis, it could be possible they ARE the Ignis, or at least, made from their data.

I'm Curve says:

Im getting annoyed with the storm access bs and plot armor. The duel was pretty good especially Ghost girl’s plays, she deserved to win. The fake tension with Playmaker being about to lose was terrible (since we already knew he couldn’t possibly lose due to what is at stake) Emma had everything under control and even a back up plan, but random battle fader from yusaku and new monsters with lifepoints effects to activate storm access were conveniently there.

Peter Nikolic says:

Why are they always dueling in the same skyscraper setting. Why do they never change the background in LINK VRAINS? Always same tall building at night… it’s really boring and repetitive!

Valor Vasondra says:

Something interesting, the phrase ‘The moon looks pretty tonight’ can be translated to ‘I love you.

Food for thought

podcastbard says:

Thank you to all the fan art.

Pedro Unstable Ambrose says:

I am the only who wants Shima to duel? xD

xterminator 2014 says:

at this point i think its safe to assume that trere will be code talkers for all the atributes

Cornelius Sublette says:

Copyright is getting extremely annoying…

Akaryu Best says:

After ohne week of Having no Internet, i just watched your videos before the actual episode

Photon Neos says:

+Yugioh Everything This/B4 episode was really great; my only complain is they didn’t make Emma win; that would really B great 4 Yusaku’s 1st lost; I get the feeling we’ll C other “Code Talker”s.

Tony Ten says:

Sore wa dou kana ?

Tony Ten says:

Deck, set!
Into the VRAINS!!

Volting Master says:

Forget Yusei X Aki Yusaku X Emma is Where it’s at.

SlyMoore94 says:

The animation in this episode overall was just so much better!

Sunaki1000 says:

I think the duel soult better had end whit Yuusaku dont use his Skill and summon one of his Monsters what he already have.
I mean It gives the feel, what you cant win, no matter you try. Because he make it anyway and his Skill isnt very Gamechanging.
He had already many Monsters from his old Duells. Also the instantly apearing Data Storm is just bullshit. He cant creat it on his own.
The Musik was better. But the Frog and the Pidgen. They kill the mode. The two arent funny, not even a little.
And the Duellfield is always the same, except for this one Revolverduell. I had many Issues whit the Serie, but in the End the Ghostgirlduell is the best so far.
Emma use a Duelldisk what gives her Tipps. This was just embarassing. And shes OK, but not one of the best ever…
And Yuusaku isnt a Hero. He himself was never in any danger. He was nice, but had nothing to lose at the moment.

phonepup_mk8DX says:

Nice video, Dylan!
I think it was interesting how Emma was pretty much the first opponent to be wary of storm access.
I just wonder how often Yusaku will use these monsters that drop his life points? Because he is usually lower then 1000. I also wonder how people can say that they’re soundly defeated when Yusaku gets a random card and get lucky that it’s the one that he needs.
I do like the Yusaku and Emma interactions before and after the data storm.

ProjectGeekSpeak says:

To be completely honest as someone who’s played Yu-Gi-Oh since it came out in America and watched the anime since it came out in America. The only duel worth suggesting to anybody in the show so far would be Play maker versus revolver. Every other duel has been mediocre at best.

OddEyes says:

Yusaku really is a cool person. Other than saving Emma he also watched Akira visiting aoi after he saved her to see if she’s ok. There’s something I find cooler in characters like him who’s nice but don’t really show it compared to some overly nice person like maybe yuya.

ILoveAnhel says:

Loved the Shuffle theme at the end of the video!
I think this was one of the best duels we had so far. Emma (or is it Ema?) was a good opponent. Really liking Yusaku as a MC. I don’t know if you already watched Stardust Crusaders, but I woul have liked Jotaro to be a little more like Yusaku. Both are serious, “I don’t care” protagonists, but Yusaku is so much well made.
You forgot to mention the poor Pigeon and Frog guys getting the recording deleted again xD I would really like if they have some sort of importance soon enough, to not just be comic relief. ALSO, the Frog guy way of speaking and mannerisms reminded me of Naoki xD
Thanks for the review, Dylan, awesome as always.

Official_Garlic says:

Watched this episode on crunchy roll and finally understand how to turn off the subs lmao, but that’s beside the point. I, again, loved this episode of the VRAINS series. It has a tone to it that I haven’t seen since 5D’s but somehow more refined. I loved the giggle of Emma! It was so adorable! And did I misinterpreted or were there hints in possible romantic feelings for Emma towards Yusaku? Also for some reason I loved the seen of them showing Yusaku falling asleep. It’s those little scenes that make this series strong.

I hope you all enjoyed this episode as well!

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