Yu-Gi-Oh VRains: Episode 19 REVIEW

Wow. An absolutely compelling episode of Yugioh VRAINS. We finally learn about 80% of what happened 10 years ago to Yusaku, and it is dark/disturbing. Let me know all of your thoughts down below on episode 19! Hope you enjoy my review! = )

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Yu-Gi-Oh VRains: Episode 19 REVIEW


King Kryptonite says:

Who could be the person that was encouraging him? Was it someone working for Hanoi or what? WE NEED ANSWERS. a new episode a week isn’t enough. we need a new episode daily lol

MrGameutopia1 says:

By far, the darkest episode I’ve seen in this anime series, and probably became one of the darkest episodes in the entire Yu-Gi-Oh series, overall. I think what revealed in the latest episode, Episode 19, brought more questions over answers. We know little bit more about the incident 10 years ago, but not entirely. I think this will be answered later on in the series, which I think what makes me to watch more. The duel was great, nonetheless, but the back-story telling was very excellent.

David Guerra says:

No Gil Boh your Aoi drawing is amazing! Is there any where you posted it so I can like save it?

Varaydein says:

His past also explains why in the early previews before VRains aired why he doesn’t like dueling.

Sora Shiun'in says:

Whispers: You lose.
Time to run now.

David Guerra says:

Kusanagi’s brother is just crazy. They know where he is. He’s probably in rehab or mental hospital or something.

Izabel dos Santos Marques says:

Finally we discovered what the fuck happened 10 years ago

wapachowyo says:

I thought the 6 kids were kidnapped and forced to duel really early on, but Damn I felt the PTSD through the screen that even Kuriboh wouldn’t negate

kevito920 says:

I think we won’t get a name of the person responsible. I think(and hoping) it will be an alias that way the show can keep us in suspense

Blue Sparx says:

Really late to watching the episode, but I have just one thing to say: that god damn cliffhanger! Yusaku was so enraged, and then the credits appeared; then I was angry D:

And I could see Yusaku going through a massive personality change throughout VRAINS once this arc has been resolved. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started to become more open and friendly.

killerqueen2000 says:


Teamata Leoneos says:

Where’s Yuya’s egao when you need it ? Poor Yusaku

Stoick Drug says:

Play-Angel, ship it like FedEx at Christmas

Stardust262 says:

Calling it now Naoki is the mastermind.

126 996 says:

I assume that yusaku was given the cyberse deck from the company that kidnapped him considering he said it contained all his memories form the past years? More questions there.

Elryin K says:

I do still belive it’s SOL tech the responsible for that incident.
Remember when Hanoi did the invasion in Vrains in the begining of the show, those chess pieces were not worried by them, at all, they just wanted ignis back. Maybe SOL Tech just abandoned the Hanoi project when something went wrong and now the Knights of Hanoi (maybe they, or their relatives, worked on this project for SOL Tech) wants some kind of vengeance on them (destroying the cyverse that they look for 24/7)

cnssegura says:

I feel kind of bad for him 🙁 6 months kidnapped of nothing but “eating, sleeping and dueling” and he couldn’t go once to the bathroom. Now that’s true torture. :'( lol

I also agree with you of it being Kusanagi’s brother. I noticed he had long hair, compared to Kusanagi that has only been seen with short hair so far.

Yugioh Everything says:

Didn’t really mention this in the review, but these kind of character depositions are nothing new for Yoshida. He couldn’t really give Yuma a dark backstory since that didn’t fit with Yumas personality/goals, so what did he do instead? He gave dark backstories to almost everyone else. Shark, Vector, heck pretty much all the Barians. Yoshida has never shied away from dark/f*cked up backstories, and he hit the hammer on the nail yet again with Yusakus!

Jessie Ward says:

Kind of reminds me of dr. K from Power Rangers RPM

cornelxbox25 says:

I think they had the children duel to test or strengthen an AI’s dueling system.

noytt says:

About the Yusaku – Aoi ship, i noticed that in the last episode when Yusaku just summoned Decode talker in one turn Aoi looked at him like the way Emma looked at him in EP 17.

Stefan Šogorović says:

This is my theory about incident from 10 years:
Dr. Kogami was part of the SOL Technologies’s team that created Cyberse and AIs, but he realized that AIs will take over the world. He tried to shut down whole project, but he was stopped by SOL Technologies and was fired. So he created plan “Hanoi Project”, plan that will create duel soldiers who will fight AIs and who will destroy Cyberse. And Revolver was one of those 6 children, who realized how big threat Cyberse and AIs are and decided to help Dr. Kogami and Knights of Hanoi.

sansthedevil says:

man if vrains keep being consistent as it is now i could easily say this is my 2nd favorite yugioh show, just behind the original ygo for nostalgic reasons obviously

Excalibur says:

i think i speak for everyone when i say this, pardon my french, but fuck, cliffhangers, seriously, the suck, sooooooo much ass its not funny. it sucks cause school’s back and its gonna take a while to get to the next episode. also the white bird was shown in the flashback, foreshadow?

Jaden Omega says:

I thought Jaden and Yusei were the protagonists that have the darkest backstories,Yusaku’s backstory beats both of their’s by a mile i mean HOLY SHIIIIIT…….

rixituner says:

Backer: SOL Technologies
Mastermind: Dr.Kogami. He used deep learning techniques he got from “studying” the 6 children to create the Cyverse (AI with free will)
Then, he went (or created) the Knights of Hanoi because he fell out with SOL Tech over the goal of Cyverse
Conclusion: SOL Tech is still the real ba****d

Sapphire Jack says:

My Theory is that they weren’t creating child soldiers, they were creating 6 AI’s and they used those duels for research, they had to push the duelist to the limits for best results so they created a harsh condition and they kidnapped kids since kids are easier to kidnap then adults

MDK Shady says:

So are you not gonna talk about the eye that watched yusaku which looks like the eye from the opening

Mel Bellz and Squidgirl says:

If you look closely to the first food tray Yusaku gets you can see some pills in the corner of it

Tony Ten says:

8:08. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. Ship. …etc.

Antonio Bolden says:

Amazing Yugioh just keep getting darker and better pretty much all the Yugioh had dark stories to make them interesting poor Yusaku I wanna know the bastard who did to him

FireFury190 says:

I feel like the voice that told Yusaku to keep going was just some automated voice created by the people behind the lost incident to give the kids motivation to keep going and duel better. Given how it tells him that he can go home. I also have a feeling that maybe the lost incident is somehow connected to the creation of the Ignis. Given that the other name for the project was the “Hanoi Project” and that Dr. Kougami who is a part of the Knights of Hanoi created the Ignis I feel like there is at least some connection there.

So my theory right now would be that the kids in the lost incident were used as test subjects to help with the creation of the Ignis. This would be a nice way to delve more into Yusaku’s and Ai’s relationship as Yusaku would probably despise Ai because his existence meant Yusaku had to suffer. Also I noticed that at the beginning we were shown 6 Ignises and it just so happens that 6 kids were part of the lost incident. So that may also serve as another connection.

Roberto Hernandez says:

4kids would never even show this episode. If they do, they’ll remove all the dynamics of the episode(s). If they actually consider dubbing this of course

OddEyes says:

After watching this episode I kind of have a theory of how everything went about. The incident was probably conducted to create ignis and the other ai with free will. They did it by collecting the mental data of the kids during each duel to create the personality of the ai. Who was behind it was probably kogami being the scientist behind it backed by the sol chess pieces. Those ai, the cyverse created by them and link vrains are probably sol’s claim to fame and what got them so rich as a company. Kogami then feels bad about the experiment and leaves to create the knights of hanoi, using the name of the incident. And their motive behind wanting to destroy the cyverse and link vrains is probably caused by them wanting to take revenge on sol for being behind the incident too. That’s why revolver showed so much hatred towards sol. And finally revolver is definitely going to be the person who gave yusaku courage, I don’t know if he’s kusanagi’s Brother or not so kusanagi’s Brother might still be affected by the incident as shown by the picture they always use. The kid looks pretty grown up in the latest episode so it might be a current picture not a flashback. Revolver could be one of the kids who got kidnapped and then adopted by kogami as he felt bad about the incident after that, or he was kogami’s son and was speaking to the kids using kogami’s observation devices in those rooms as he felt bad for the kids and wanted to encourage them.

But man this episode was great and I love the plot so far in the episode, it mixes so well with dueling and even after revealing yusaku’s past they created a new question about who’s the mastermind right after it. Like you said I fully understand how yusaku is the way he is now.

David Guerra says:

I just realized that it’s 666. 6 kids, 6 years old, and 6 months

HollowKeyblade says:

This episode made me wonder if the voice that saved Yusaku was really human. The only interactions he had the entirety of the Incident were from his AI opponent and the Eye. I kinda wonder if the voice is the reason he has the power to hear and control the Cyverse. Remember? Yu and Revolver are the only ones with Cyverse cards. “A Cyverse called to me at my weakest and gave me strength. Now I fight to save the voice, who is a Cyverse themselves.” -kind of thing. It might even be Ignis himself, seeing as though he doesn’t have any memory of anything.
I dunno. Just a thought. 🙂

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