Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Episode 2 Review “Card Games On Hover Boards”

What are your first impressions of Link Summoning and the concept of Speed Duels?

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Curti Burm says:

vrains is just duel links with a new monster zone added :/ not really sure if that style of gameplay will catch on in tournaments and duel terminals

Monty2289 says:

The set up to Decode Talker is essentially Yuusaku making sure that Cracking Dragon (who’s effect isn’t once per turn for some reason) wouldn’t burn him for game when he decides to summon Backup Secretary. What’s weird is he didn’t activate te card that further prevents him from taking damage FIRST is anyone’s guess. I think he needed to take damage to activate an effect.

And yes the requirement for Decode Talker is ‘3 Effect Monsters’ OR ‘1 Link and 2 effect monsters’

Aaronrules380 says:

The speed duel format is the same format as the mobile game Duel Links

Wesley Wright says:

Cyberse Wizard doesn’t change the monsters DEF to zero Cracking Dragons DEF was already zero.

Jay Say says:

The reason it says 2 or more effect monsters is because you can use other Link monsters as materials. Link monsters count as the number of materials for a Link summon equal to its number of links. For example, to summon decode talker, he could use a Link 2 monster + another random effect monster because 2+1=3. But if you’re using regular effect monsters, you need 3.

Jagger Chorus says:

I have that Ally of Justice card

Platzhallter says:

ooohhhhh so this is a duellinks plug….

Grant Kuehne says:

“ranging from easy to dark souls”


C.J. says:

How are you so good at editing! God I love your reviews! Please keep it up!!

Jack Ward says:

You’re a Six Sam player.
I’m a Six Sam player.
You’re like my favorite Youtuber now.

Also something funny with the Extra Mzone. You can finally summon 6 Six Samurai since we have 5 normal monster zones and the extra mzone (obviously for Shi En)

GreyVictory1510 says:

Hmmm, I started thinking after your last review about what you said.
In Chaotix they split their mind up and one part has the adventures in that parralel world and if they merge again, he gains these memorys. Aaaand when people got burned by the Cracking Dragon, they say “Accounts are being deleted.”. So maybe their parralel alter ego, at least one version gets killed and the people have then Phantom Pain in the real world, because the mind rememberes it.
Also a little correction, Link Monsters can`t be in Defense Position, because Arrows. xD That is btw. a nice drawback.

wapachowyo says:

Yes, Tekking, the knights are hackers. That’s, you know, literally the only thing we know about them other than that they hate the Digiverse for ruining their childhood

Imperialwarior says:

Remember Link monsters doesnt have DEF or level it have LINKS.
Decode talker is a LINK 3 monster so you have to use 3 materials to summon him thats why yusaku uses 3 cyverse monsters.
The condition to summon decode talker is 2 effect monsters so you can summon him with 2 effect monsters and 1 normal monster for example
Also you can summon Link monsters with another Link monsters for example Decode talker is a LINK 3 monster so to summon a level 5 monster that requires 3 or more effect monsters you only need decode talker and 2 more effect monsters

ZeroZerock says:

Theres a LINK to the cyverse?
Also, Decode Talker is more an equivalent to Flame Wingman, since Yusaku is getting another monster called Firewall Dragon later.

Playmaker Show says:

whats wrong with you people you see every character in vrains has own skill in speed duel not just playmaker and his skill is just access to extra deck monster which every pro has and its not action card or yugi’s heart of the card bullcrap but people fine with it or shining draw dont forget yusei’s signer mark draw shit people not complained about it ,also lets be honest playmaker(yusaku) is clever, cool even smarter than yuya yuma or jaden, also have you ever heard yugioh duel link even yugi has his own skill,stop complaining for ones

Lui Ei says:

Is it possible that in Yu Gi Oh VRAINS , Yusaku was in a speed duel and fell , causing the lost memories ?

rawer Burst says:

Bring back some good porn ✨✨

chubkuriboh says:

Hi Tekking great video but I just thought I’d clear some things up1: links are similar to synchros in terms of the summon mechanic only better.the arrows on the cards are pretty determined and in this new version of the field you can only control one monster that has been summoned from the extra deck unless you have a link monster in play and the arrows indicate where on the field you can use additional extra deck monsters if you summon said monsters from the cemetery they will go in the main monster zone .Link monsters have no defence points so they are incapable of going into defence mode.Link summons was done to totally destroy pendulums as konami didn’t realise what they had done when they initially released now they’ve been relegated to the main 5 spell/trap zone and without @least one link monster you can’t utilise most pendulum combos.And from what I can tell the “skill” is determined by the player who uses it like the knight used the ‘draw’ feature and was unaware of the data storm power as Ignis was the one to inform playmaker of how these work

Remus 111 says:

It’s more like card games on surf boards. It was stated within the episode that he was “riding” the wind and he almost fell off when “riding” the wind.

CrowWithBrokenWings 999 says:

hey Ten where’s episode 3 review?

Argumedies says:

Tekking 101, the new overlord of Porn Hub.

WolfinApocalypse says:

So did all the people the dragon destroyed in episode 1 die?

Iron Druid says:

Yugioh became my childhood regret. I really liked the show and some of my neighborhood friends played it constantly for a couple years. But my parents thought it a pointlessly expensive card game so I didn’t have the option of getting a lot of cards and making one really cool deck out of them. I more or less got just one of those little random card packets for Christmas for a few years and that was it. I ended up stealing the five Exodia cards and a couple others from some kids locker out of frustration, and it’s annoyed me ever since because I never figured out who to give them back to after I grew out of the game. This goes out to the ether… Sorry about that bro…

blindninja0220 says:

They cant be in defence position

DJ halla says:

O_O …….. tekking knows what yugioh is nooooooo way lol

Monty2289 says:

Tekking. Wizard’s effect doesn’t reduce the monsters defense. Cracking Dragon’s defense IS 0.

CrowWithBrokenWings 999 says:

simpsons are awesome

Akuma Enjerudoragon says:

play yugioh duel links Tekking

TheRichmaster says:

my main thought upon seeing this episode was how game-breaking some of those cards were; Cracking dragon is an obvious one with those abilities and ATK, the Cyverse card that prevent all damage and others.

And in the last turn, why didn’t Cracking Dragon’s effect work when Yuusaku revived the Cyverse Magician?

Somedude Watchintv says:

where can I find these episodes?

John Ferfes says:

Not sure if you know this, but link monster can’t be put into defense mode.

Links have to be tribute for out of the extra deck into the extra monster zone and from there all other monsters (from the extra deck) have to be put into position that are adjacent to the link markers.

Burori1 says:

Maybe the series after VRAINS’ll be them dancing, lol.

Meda says:

Link monsters can’t be in defense mode Matt

DJ halla says:

I KNEW IT !!!!! i was about to say youd loooove the six samurai deck hahahahaha

Floris says:

im suprised u didnt mention duel links since that game is centered around speed duels

Roger Malik Smith says:

keep doing yhis

A Gott says:

Guys, I think he got the message that Link monsters can’t go to defense position! You guys rly need to chill just cuz he doesn’t get every detail right….

Claude Rains says:

Only three monster cars zones. Hmmm. You activated my trap card! Ojama Trio.

Monty2289 says:

Link monsters cannot under any circumstance be placed in def mode OR SET (Remember this is why Pulse Bomb didn’t work on Decode Talker). The only link markers that matter are the ones colored on the card The ones at the top for whatever reason will point to the opponent’s field and ones at the bottom will point to yours.

The ones on the side are exclusively for the mutual link mechanic and will point at the OTHER (if any) available Extra Deck zone

Davide Longheu says:

To summon link monsters you must use a number of effect monsters equal to the link value on the card (link 3 = 3 monsters and so on)

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