Yu-Gi-Oh VRains: Episode 20 REVIEW

The conclusion of the Akira VS Playmaker duel! The last 5 minutes we got some crazy plot info, and we certainly have much to discuss! Let me know all your thoughts down below, hope you enjoy the video! =)

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Yu-Gi-Oh VRains: Episode 20 REVIEW


God Gohan says:


Flawlessice says:

Kogami called it the Seed of Hanoi… Maybe the suffering of the children will become wrathful AIs that want to destroy the network.

Akiren Nevara says:

PlayMaker is extremely interesting and he reminds me of Yusei. PlayMaker is cold at times, but then he acts human. He made the point to return the “sibling cards” to Zaizen’s hand. It’s when he acts so human like that I see Yusei in him.

Ninjetty Hiro says:

Am I the only one that’s a little disappointed gouki hasn’t really done much since he dueled playmaker a while back? Thought he would be more involved x.x

Ruby Chiang says:


MrVideo0814 says:

Can’t wait for the dub to say how Kogami “mysteriously vanished” 7 years ago

TheSilverKnight Zero says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Akira is cool
And Aoi got big boobs

Crystal shield says:

I love to see the dub of Yu-Gi-Oh VRains LOL not I hate 4kids dubs

Peter Nikolic says:

I expected that the mastermind behind Hanoi Project would be Specter… but oh well. Also regarding the opening lasting for two seasons, i’m 100% sure that won’t happen because it will seriously ruin the ratings. Imagine the start of Season 2 where a bunch of new characters are probably going to be introduced and then we have the same opening with like… 4 same characters. NO! With the Winds opening won’t remain for 2 seasons… that just can’t happen!

rixituner says:

Nailed it! Almost exactly what I predicted from last video

JustSomeGamers 17 says:

Dub Kogami: im like this because um im 4k:you fell down some stairs Dub Kogami: I fell down some stairs

MasterWalt says:

Akira said Playmaker’s Identity wasn’t in the database, so they don’t know the identities of the 6 children.

Frank Harris says:

One of the aspects of Yugioh I enjoyed was the tournament duels, I don’t see them doing a tournament duel.

Lightning49 says:

“I’M Feeling the Flow ” – Dylan@2017

Joseph says:

This entire duel was excellent and that ending was perfect for the duel. Though I hope Yusaku does suffer a loss on screen soon, this one was great. The duel told the story which is what I think all duels should do. On a side note, 1 of my favorite parts was when Ignis was like “We just wanted to show off before we lose”. That got a laugh out of me. So did the “Your looking at my private parts again?” lol Definitely my favorite duel of the series so far. I also agree, I think the Zaizens are my favorite characters in the show, other than Yusaku.

DarkRayverse says:

Yusaku is 7-4 for win loss ratio for season 1 including his past.
Also Dylan my favorite zexal character was Ray, I really wished he duel more and have better closure.
But hay it yugioh, always not giving people what the really want. But what ever then bye dude.

frostyguy1989 says:

Yusaku could have gone for the easy direct attack to finish the duel, but didn’t because he wanted to make a statement. By using Firewall’s effect to return Angel and Hound (cards that symbolise Aoi and Akiza respectively) from the GY (symbolising Playmaker’s revenge mission and the darkness that will surely follow) he’s not just refusing them their help, he’s actively pushing them away from him. Yusaku in a way is also saying that it’s too late to save him. The damage from the Hanoi Project has already been done, where Yusaku finds it impossible to live a normal life, where revenge is the only thing keeping him going.

SashGirl34 says:

I also wonder if something could potential happen to Akira in the future. And he would entrust Yusaku/Playmaker to look after her. This is more when Yusaku is stable, not obsessed with revenge and actually gets character development.

SashGirl34 says:

Another thought I had was Yusaku and Aoi meeting outside of VRAINS as themselves and wonder if she will be suspicious of him? Or she will want nothing to do with him as her interest is solely in his alter ego. I mean I can almost see a love triangle form with just each other. I just can see Aoi as of now believing they’re two different people. As she’s indifferent towards him as Yusaku but begins to adore him as Playmaker. (Personally it would be so funny if he’s clueless to her affections for him. Especially since he’s suppose to be good at analyzing people and situations. Yet he can’t pick on the fact a girl is fallen for him.)

And it could remain that way until she finds learns that Yusaku and Playmaker are the same person. I really just want to see her reaction when she finds out.

But I also wonder if Aoi meets him again as Playmaker and curiosity not only begins to grow on who the mysterious young man is but a crush begins to develop.

FrozenShepard says:

I don’t mind that Go isn’t around. I’d rather he not be involved than shoehorned in for no reason other than screen time.

Blue Sparx says:

I don’t have much to say about this episode, but I’m definitely interested in hearing about how he “resurrected from the dead.”

Yuugo not Yuugou says:

Did you just say Zed?

BetchBoi says:

Wednesdays can’t come fast enough now

Ruby Chiang says:

The Chess Pieces of SOL definitely put all the blame on Kogami.

Omar Diaz says:

You know the whole can’t have the tingdangles in the graveyard was a nice speech but i call that a big fat lie The boi playmaker ain’t messing around he won with overkill as a message to everyone that he means bussiness

AnimeRoyal25 says:

I really think that every time Playmaker and Blueangel meet and integrate with each other that her feelings for him grow and grow , at least I hope so, because I really ship them.

SilverSpades says:

I feel really stupid. I don’t know, I guess I thought you stopped all vids completely after the copyright but you still kept trucking along! I missed watching your reviews after every episode so I’m glad you’re still around!

Sakaki サトリオ says:

The file name about Dr. Kogami is p_hanoi_0007 and 7 years ago, he died in real life.

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