Yu-Gi-Oh VRains: Episode 23 REVIEW

The beginning of the Go Onizuka VS Dr Genome duel! I thought it was pretty enjoyable, the animation and monster attacks were some of the best we have seen so far in my opinion, which really made the duel feel vibrant and alive. I also loved Genomes monster designs, probably my favorite designs in the series so far! Let me know all your thoughts down below! Enjoy!

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Yu-Gi-Oh VRains: Episode 23 REVIEW


cyberstein 101 says:

Next episode theory: Playmaker appears and gives motivation. Dark Onizuka realises it’s not all about winning for some cheesy line and then turns back into Go and wins with some Light happy monster.

James Molyneux says:

I think Playmaker will try to intrude but Go will talk him out of it

Trevor Bennet says:

Dark Onizuka probably isn’t taking an overall heel turn. Using anger hasn’t been a bad thing in the series so far, Yusaku got pretty pissed in his last duel against Akira after all. However, as for Yusaku in episode 24… what I’m hoping happens is when Playmaker goes to interfere, another one of the Knights of Hanoi (most likely Revolver, but maybe one we haven’t seen in action yet) stops him and they have a back to back duel going on. Similar to when Aoi went to go help Playmaker against the AI’s.

José Kunz says:

I dont know with you ever mention this before, but do you think there’s going to have a kind of link between anime V-Rains + duel links (mobile game) + DM ( that is on air in a remastered version
in Japan)?

Keep up the good work man! Really like your channel content 🙂

TheZombiePicture says:

Dr genome and right when go looses playmaker shows up and they duel for playmakers identity so basically taking Dark onizakas place

SlyMoore94 says:

I really hope the whole DNA thing actually becomes relevant to the plot, rather than just a gimmicky catchphrase-like thing Genome uses, just because he’s a scientist. Like you say, it would have been better if he spoke more about his motivations or the Knights in general.

Other than that, great episode and nice to see GO getting some development!

Strider Xanthos says:

Go Onizuka became a Kamen Rider and I love it.

Jaden Omega says:

i was wondering if i was the only one who caught that and although i like how the duel is going so far i don’t like how Go is traveling down Zarc’s path

psychicmaster92 says:

Assuming Dr. Genome somehow does get Playmaker’s DNA, would he use it to create his own. I mean a Playmaker’s VS Evil Playmaker duel might be interesting to watch (if it ever happens).

King Kryptonite says:

Yusaku and Kusanagi were basically us viewers. Commentating about the duel. Yu-Gi-Oh!Vrains: The Commentary w/ Ignis lol

DMCEagles05 says:

The music this episode IMO was probably the best!!! Genome’s theme or whatever was REALLY good

Strider Xanthos says:

To be fair, the Doctor in Arc-V deserved that fate. Brainwashing 14 year old girls is never cool in my book and he deserves to be locked up for centuries

Valentin ALTMEIER says:

I don’t think Playmaker will intrude the duel. When he will show up in Link Vrains, other Knights of Hanoi will come to him so he won’t have time to deal with Genome with Go.

TheKpa11 says:

Go pulled a Tajiri with that poison mist card, he spit mist in that guy’s face HA!

Mark Granicke says:

Drinking game for this episode: take a shot every time someone says “DNA”

Sean Keller says:

Yea when genome survived dark onazaku attack i thought. That was his one chance.

Jachidos says:

Dr Genome’s monsters are even better than you think : the goat is also a reference to the first animal ever cloned who was also a goat.

Akiren Nevara says:

This isn’t even his final form!

fusion gamer says:

Dylan they said that speed duels are are 1v1 only so no intrusions allowed for speed duels don’t know about master duels though

Jordan Albert says:

Genome is weird and his talk of DNA got a bit annoying to me, personally speaking, but I do like the designs of his monsters too, especially Necro Darwin.

I noticed the similarities between GO and Zarc as well! Great minds think alike, eh? XD

As for what will happen, I think Playmaker will be there for moral support, based on how he looked in the preview of the next episode, and I actually think GO will win this duel, somehow.


For The Go change… Why do i feel it Will end having 4 ogres and Will try to destroy the universe in The name of The entertainment….nooo…just me..weird??? About even when i freaking love with my whole heart The whole molecular, scientist,clone,animal test and references to Procedures that have to do with experiments…..WHYYYYYY IT HAD TO BE DARK????!!!!!! I mean The deck could be perfect as sometype of best,winged beast, earth type of deck …come on Konami not everything has to be DARK/fiend or warriors,Dragon’s,spellcasters.

Tâm Lê says:

I think VRAINS is so terrible . First at all we have to wait 1 MONTH to get a very-lame episode 1 . This is the first time ep 1 of YGO anime doenst have any duel and EVERY DUEL have to be more than 1 Episode , Even filler duel like Playmaker vs AI, Aoi vs AI. Why they have to do that ? Is they trying to make YGO DM style in 2017 ???? That makes viewer get tired. Just think , 1 week talking , 2 or 3 weeks just for 1 duel … again and again , nothing new. and finally we get 1 duel for a MONTH >.< i get sick of it ... And many other problem with this anime , such as : 2 Re-cap episode , minor characters talking very single move, monsters 's design is too bad , the link summon ( i know they fixed it but it still get too annoying with me). Talking about episode 23 , Onizuka have a new fighting style , it's ok . something kinda new ... but i think genomes just a filler character , he will do just a little in the storyline . In the next ep , Playmaker will come and cheer Onizuka , and Onizuka win , Genomes will backs to HaNoi 's headquarter and telling something to Revolver . i think he has 2 options , get vanishes in the end of this episode or after 20- 30 episodes later he will comes back and duel with another char and get vanishes forever... Finally , I just wanna say that VRAINS is so so so BAD . The director have to fix it or this is the worst era of the Yu-gi-oh! 's History 🙂

Musashi Menogami says:

The animation in this episode was top-notch XD

Emmy Quiades says:

The animation is either amazing or terrible. At least they know when and where to put their budget. The character and monster designs are god awful, but the writing is so good that it doesn’t even matter, honestly. The music really helped get me attached to Go’s character on an emotional level though, so that’s good.

The Backrow says:

Someone’s probably already brought this up but the sheep one with clone in it’s name is a reference to Dolly the sheep, the world’s first cloned animal.

Jay Upadhya says:

Doctor Genome was actually the Doctor in Lunas Hospital in 5Ds when Luna was small and Had the dream of the Ancient Fairy Dragon so he ascaped from the 5Ds past and came to Vrains to Steal the DNA from people for Leo of 5Ds to use it on Yusei to Trap him in his Nightmare of loosing his Father in the Explosion and Leo Hurts Luna by pinning her to the wall and Luna Ascapes and goes to the Vrains Era and Leo chases after her And Leo Traps Playmaker inside a Mummy and buries him in Egypt and Luna becames the new Main Character for Vrains because Leo is behind the Evil knights and SOL Technologies

Samantha Horne says:

Can you do top 5 friends of protagonists you know like yugi has joey jaiden has cyrus yusei has crow or leo yuma has bronk and I can’t remember who yuya has the know the super heavy Samurai user sorry haven’t watch yu-gi-oh in a while

wincent hein says:

Can we please just forget about the Doctor and forget that whole arc existed

Aaram Chase says:

Cough cough Go has a new link monster is the pulling out his ass part I’m talking about lol

Speed Demon says:

Dr. Genome for the win please win one of the main villians must win a duel or there is a can chance if he lose it will be the last we see of him

Allon says:

I have a wild and very unlikely foreshadowing. Wouldnt it be so cool if the head of SOL technologies was Roget from Arc V? When we first see Roget he plays a chess board assigning his units as the pieces. We have chess pieces at the higher ranks at SOL technologies. I know this will be very unlikely to be true but it would be so awesome if VRAINS answered something that Arc V left behind as a cliffhanger

Akaryu Best says:

Playmaker only will support Go, in the preview he only flies above doctor genome, also in vrains duels are 1 on 1 ( said in 16) and Go would never allow playmaker to take over

TheKpa11 says:

Tell that to Zane who turned to anger

YouR SaV1ouR says:

Great Review. The only thing that is getting to me about the series is that the speed duel backgrounds are really boring, and the settings don’t feel dynamic the world
almost feels dead. Imo

Varaydein says:

Genome may lose on purpose because he is simply trying to gather data on Go.

Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! & Weiss Schwarz Channel says:

That was pretty cool when Go turned heel like that.
Also like new his dueling style that has come with his change.
This Dr. Genome is very good though, looks like he has Go on the ropes.
Looking forward to next episode to see how the rest of this duel plays out.

Sora Shiun'in says:

I’m just waiting for Vince McMahon to come out and say it was me Yusaku it was me all along.

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