Yu-Gi-Oh VRains: Episode 28 REVIEW

A pretty solid duel between Faust and Playmaker! But a very interesting flashback along with an ominous character “debut” really made the last 4 minutes memorable! Let me know all your thoughts down below! 🙂

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Yu-Gi-Oh VRains: Episode 28 REVIEW


T johnson says:

Im calling its revolver i looked back at his human form when it was first revealed and when he reaches for the book at the end of the episode his sleeves are rolled up in a very specific way

Majestic Gothitelle says:

code talker are the new Power Rangers of yugioh. now we need a Megazord for these guy. i call being red code talker. the deck he use was meteor worm or something close 2 it?

Zubair Walele says:

This whole duel just screamed new-age weevil to me. summoning an insect queen and powering it up with tokens? yeah, link weevil is a thing now. to be honest, i didnt find the ending scene that interesting. what was more interesting was when faust was going to reveal something to playmaker but ignis (pretty menacingly) says “playmeker lets finish him off” just cutting faust off. I hope he becomes an antagonist.

Jason Bornot says:

The real villains of the first season will be the chess pieces I hope

roboticdreamer says:

I like Ai, but I have to admit that he seems like he’ll be a villain. I just hope that Yusaku finds another Ignis partner that takes over what Ai’s role was at first well.

Mr Kernoicion says:

What happen if ignis is the character at the end ….. he has constructed a real human body and is trying to frame Playmaker. I think the theme of ignis’s character devlopment is for him to keep on evolving as seen when he got a AI body. IDK just a fun theory

Michael Mireb says:


ChaoticReverse 999 says:

It’s not revolver revolver’s Mark was red the unknown guy’s Mark was yellow also he had white hair not navy blue

Ardaxus Might says:

The new character is the woman who was talking to Yusaku when he was kidnapped

Midnight Lightstar says:

When i first saw the last scene to this episode the first person that popped into my head was spector. I just have this gut feeling that it was spector at the end that knows yusaku is playmaker now. I also know it could be revolver too but i am leaning more towards spector. I love this episode a lot too. The duel reminded me so much of the duels in duel monsters between Joey vs Weevil and Yugi vs Weevil.

shadows221 says:

I’m just glad insects are starting to become a thing again, both in the anime and the actual game. lol

Bison Tsaudo says:

So Hanoi is actually “well-intentioned extremist” (probably just Revolver, Kogami, Faust, and Baira) that actually try to save humanity by destroying Ignis. On serious note, “another” arc wont happen if basically Hanoi just tell Playmaker everything about Ignis and why it can destroy humanity. Hanoi try to save humanity by making people trapped in virtual reality just for luring out the person who has Ignis only to challenge him to duel and still lost in the end anyway. This is why people need to talk with each other to solve the conflict instead of making enemies. Good job Hanoi.

Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! & Weiss Schwarz Channel says:

Spreader Queen is not destroyed… BUT YOU STILL TAKE THE DAMAGE.
I am rather worried by what Faust said before he was defeated, and also Ignis is up to something.
It was only a matter of time before someone would see Playmakers real identity, who is it though is the question.

ChaoticReverse 999 says:

It’s not revolver the character had white hair revolver’s real hair is a navy blue color I have two theories either it was specter or a new character

Rixituner says:

Plot intensifies… I bet it’ll be like Terminator, and the Cyberse want to rule over humanity. I also bet he lied about regaining only his body and not his memories after the fight against Revolver

Daniel Santos says:

I have three reasons why I believe that guy at the end was a new character and not Revolver or Specter.
1st. Revolver has black or navy hair, the guy at the end has white hair, the top is similar but, still the hair style and color doesn’t match
2nd. The face doesn’t match. Revolver does have a similar face structure but his skin is much darker than the guy we saw. It can’t be Specter because the head and nose don’t match. Specter has a rounded nose while the guy at the end had a nose like Yusakus. Sure it could be his non VR form, but they usually look like their real form so I don’t think so
3rd. If it was any of those two they would have been more direct in telling us who it is. The fact that they don’t show us his eyes or let us hear his voice means that we don’t know him yet. We’ve meet revolver and Specter before so that rules them out

Jason Bornot says:

From the preview episode 29 doesn’t look like a recap

Cierra Swaye Lyle says:

Awesome one!
I love yu gi oh, gx, arc v, 5ds, and zexal.

Also I had not seen vrains. Isn’t in channel or isn’t a web series?

wapachowyo says:

Last episode I thought Ignis being the the one who gave Naoki Cyberve Wizard was being played as a joke, like,
Yusaku: Who gave him my card?
Ignis: That’s not important *suspicious whistling

But the end of this episode made me go “Wait, is…is Ignis being nefarious here?”
It seems like Ignis has an objective and that ending made it seem like he’s manipulating Yusaku, at least to an extent. He may even be lying about his lost memories

Nick Allen says:

Also, Naoki is an idiot. He should have put together with Playmaker’s interruption of him and similar voice (seriously he sounds like he’s just finished his voice change its so deep)

Excalibur says:

a new character, my money’s on that its a girl, why? look at the lips and the way the hair looks, usually female characters in the yugioh anime have shinier pinker lips than guys

King Kryptonite says:

It could be Revolver cuz who else would have more use of knowing Playmaker’s true identity? Or just a new character who’s been on the sidelines who’s really pulling the strings? Or… It could be Revolver cuz he was walking away from the bodies, probably exiting Link Vrains? UGH! So many questions!

marco polo says:

I honestly have been thinking since the beginning that Ai is actually the villain, and maybe that Revolver was trying to protect (forgot the beginning episode already)

Stephen Mahilum says:

I think the women who said the ”3 things” to yusaku was Vyra

Ruby Chiang says:

Oh! If Faust and Baira used to work with SOL Technologies then it would make sense that Kitamura might’ve recognized them when they defeated his AI Army.

Jordan Albert says:

I, personally agree. I think that character at the end of this episode is Revolver in the real world. I wonder if this revelation as anything to do with episode 30, which is titled “Door to Hell”.

Ace says:

The animation budget must have increased because of how popular this show is getting, it was literally 19th on crunchyroll popularity list and on all anime sites its on top on most popuar animes, in top 20

Oh boy says:

I also think it was revolver at the end. Besides the mark being on the same hand, they’re also wearing the same shirt. The collar is a darker color and they both have the sleeves rolled up to the elbow. (Of course I could be wrong! Who cares though, I love that the show is keeping us on our toes!)

Potato says:

A little disappointing none of the like Knight’s of Hanoi Admins have won yet, but I have a feeling why Playmaker’s line is a different colour then Ignis is, is because Ignis is gonna end up as a villain

rashiq spencer says:

Dylan don’t you find it weird that ignis cut Faust off when he was talking to playmaker

ty wilson says:

You could also make the case that Ignis doesn’t like the knights at all due to the fact the knights want him dead.

Kenneth Cha says:

Is no one going to talk about the 3 Cyverse dragons that were seen in the Data Storm?

Dumon The Barian says:

Atta boy! Lucky charms are the bomb!

the endorsed vampire 51 says:

Ayyy, my drawing made it to the video, thanks Dylan 😀

Devlin Aries says:

Was that Reiji’s theme playing during the “mystery guy” still?

Silver Neos says:

Vrains just keeps getting better

thrillking722 says:

I really hate it when the “bad” guy knows who the real bad guy is and goes through an elaborate plot instead of just saying something like “hey, that Ignis you got is evil”.

Star Duster says:

Yeah, I guessed it was Ignis who had probably stolen the Wizard’s data and tricked Naoki into Vrains. There’s certainly something going on. Ignis is acting very differently, his attitude is still similar but there’s a more sinister edge to it now…

Looking forward to finding out who the mystery character is! ^_^

SiNKarnage says:

I’m calling it, this mysterious character is gonna be Yusakus Bruno/Antinomy of his relationship

Sora Shiun'in says:

It was pretty cool.

Nick Allen says:

This episode’s duel was basically Weevil’s duel vs Joey in Battle City but in Link format. “This card makes your card an insect type”. Bug decks are always creepy and annoying. Ignis does definitely to seem to be corrupted as an AI, even back in previous duels where Ignis’ “bad acting” almost cost Playmaker the duel. I think the Knight’s of Hanoi aren’t a force for good or evil, but more neutral. Ignis is the “Zarc” to Playmaker’s “Yuya”, an evil version that’s related to him.

Canaan_Crystal wing says:

Yes I know Ai/Ignis was going to be conniving or evil because from the first episode Ai did seem weird that he is an outcast and hated by the other Ais. Also Ignis is do so much things behind Yusaku’s back and without saying anything to him.

Leon Petrova says:

Ignis is actually a virus. He is using Yusaku to find a suitable host body to become a “real boy”. The knights of Hanoi are trying to capture Ignis before he can be released into the world and cause destruction.

jonboys777 says:

Could Ignis turn Human and then turn EVIL?

Miguel Jimenez says:

Which one -code talker monster do you think it’s the next to appear? The water one or earth?

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