Yu-Gi-Oh VRains: Episode 7 REVIEW

The start and conclusion of the Yusaku VS Aoi duel.. And my goodness what a duel/episode this turned out to be. In my eyes, VRains has gotten off to an incredible start and I cannot wait to see where the show and these characters go from here! Hope you leave your thoughts down below, enjoy! =D

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Yu-Gi-Oh VRains: Episode 7 REVIEW


Sasir says:

10:15 spoiler! 🙁

45darkrai says:

To me, I liked the episode as well as the one that came before. Easily let you understand the siblings in their own point-of-view with a quick and nice pace rather than waiting 20-50 episodes to try understanding them. The Trickstars, are an epic deck in my opinion and I would love for more of them in the future.

Regardless if it was too soon with Aoi’s critically condition via Berserk by infected/hacked card(I don’t really much think of it as possession or brainwash since even they stated it was a berserk mode that could have given her more mental damage) honestly this could leave strong possibilities for Aoi, Akira and Yusaku if worked in the right direction which I won’t mind taking a chance at.

Lastly, tragic as it was for Aoi going through that, at least that made me feel something for her as well as the sibling trouble. Unlike ARC-V that waited for so many episode only to rush things in for the sake of it. The relationship between Shun and Ruri, I honestly felt meant nothing since they barely had anything especially that random bit in 119 just to give Shun a win after losing two straight duels against nostalgia. And Yuzu’s brainwashed literally existed off-screen and for the sole purpose of pissing off Yuya, creating a new card and setting more things up for unnecessary reasons.

Yugioh Everything says:


MetaphysHunter says:

I now remember you don’t play the game.
oh, how I envy you. yunno what, I dare you to play one game on ygopro, dueling book, etc. and actually see the horror salt maker that is trickstar burn.

InsaneTacoz says:

This was a huge turning point for Akira. To have someone be that aloof, that distant, from anyone, and then immediately do a 180 and just do everything and anything to save the person he was aloof towards made me actually start to like him now.

Tackson Caswell says:

i loved the episode plot wise, but Aoi’s duel kind of sucked. i guess thats what happens when you play a degenerative burn deck, the show has to have you misplay like crazy for people to stand a chance.

liltoot1234 says:

Aoi might be my favorite female protagonist if they keep up the great story for her and make her life as Blue Angel more happy

xXDestroyerXx 257 says:

Muda Muda. MUDAA!

Michael Segal says:

I don’t think all the female protagonists were all possessed. I think Aki/Akiza wasn’t possessed. I don’t think Sayer/Devine possessed her. He triggered the full power of her psychic abilities but I’m not sure if he really possessed her.

Casper Juel Jensen says:

After rewatching the episode I noticed that Aoi to have something to do with the number 3: her skill trickster fraud force the opponent to draw intill they have “3” cards in their hand. I know it´s small but it´s still there

J.B. says:

do you read Yugioh fanfic?

J.B. says:

Blitzkriegreviews when live reacting did the whole Episode, but in 2 parts and splitted the Screen horizontally in a 4/5 top and 1/5 bottom manner (dont remember the exact relation)
And mirrored the top part. It unfortunately probably didn´t work anyway since his channel got deleted….

LPFan says:

episode 7 really went apeshit with everything. the duel,the tension,the tension during the duel xD and much more. i would have wanted for her to be possesed a few episodes longer. i actually imagined something along the lines of the virus becoming sentient and completely controlling the avatar and basicly hacking link vrains to make itself op to eventually take over link vrains. i know its kinda weird,but every time i imagine the blue angel-avatar as a villain,i am hyped xD

I AM KEV says:

These episodes are dark in a way yet amazing

Sylvie Paula Paula says:

It will be funny if they turn Vrains into smth like Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles.

DragonClaw95 says:

This episode really made me want an Aoi vs Go duel. Also, awesome job from the voice actors!

Just VIOLET says:

I don’t know if u realize this but a youtuber named : Cristin Shona ,has been stealing ur videos

ChaoticReverse 999 says:

hey Dylan I have a theory I think kousanagi might play the Magibullet archetype since his brother is revolver they are a light fiend type deck

jalenjohnson0339 says:

That was a very sad epsiode man I felt so bad for Aoi all she wanted was to prove her to her brother that she can be trusted more as a duelist and person.

Prince Adam says:

So Aoi received mental damage because of the effects Hanoi’s card had on her and is in a comatose state at the end of her duel with Yusaku, who is going to be wanting revenge in the next episode, that will air after one of the greatest Holidays of all time *cough* Merica *cough*. I cannot wait to see the next opponent, and the eventual debut of Firewall Dragon.

podcastbard says:

Well, link summoning is a new mechanic so they want to show it off for those who play the card game. Reading the official new rules. I can see new possibilities in the duel. I wonder if konami would release a VR computer anime yugioh game?

Tino7100 says:

the link summoning is getting “hanoiing” 😉

Haruki Altager says:

I honestly feel the possession was more of a plot device to ensure she couldn’t beat Yusaku. Cause if the knights hand’t have interfered, I think she would have beaten him on her second turn. She had the field set-up, the power cards on the field, she could have done just the right play to burn him to death.
But I agree this episode was beyond amazing.
Also, I am predicting so much damn AoixNii-sama smut now.

Hermes Cruz says:

This was awesome….

NTS GitGud says:

imo The link summoning scence should edit “the whole open the portal and go in there to confirm the “link portal/circuit with arrows thing” to summon the monster and then go out the portal with that monster” to just summon the “link portal/circuit with arrows thing” right off the field they are dueling and then let the monsters requirement go to each arrows and then bam link monster appear form the portal.

Daniel Erwin says:

I think there’s a really interesting comparison between the three primary duelists
Yusaku has Kusanagi that he knows for sure he can count on and has his back
Go has the kids the he knows admire him and love him
But Aoi, she doesn’t even think much about how much Akira thinks of her, she’s basically alone
I think there’d be an interesting event to happen in the show (after Aoi wakes up) where Yusaku and Go are with her and she’s ranting like that, and this assumes that they’re all going to be aware of their “secret identities,” which I think will be the case

Merrill King says:

if Aoi doesn’t have good recovery she have amnesia either Akira or Yusaku help her who is she after she wake up from her coma

Bobby Steele says:

I’m surprised about konami’s approach to Vrains. Even though we’re only 7 episodes through, this series is by FAR the best out of the 6 spin-offs.

Miles the Duelist says:

Where do we watch English dub

Canaan_Crystal wing says:

The episode was definetly beautiful last scene was so good! Encode looks great effects good, design begining a shield into a sword. Hope you had fun at six flags six flag dylan. Blue Angel was literally angelic

Canaan_Crystal wing says:

Just to point out Aoi being consumed by the Hanoi card is not really brain washing all it did was hype up her emotions and desires to the brim. It lasted a three minutes it didn’t force her to do anything it just gave her a emotional break down, which her losing to yusaku made her sink into darkness cause she failed to beat playmaker. So I wouldn’t want to call it brain washing since she played the majority of the duel not effected. So I am not putting Aoi on that list of yours dylan p.s tori from zexal wasn’t brainwash though!

Itachi Susanoo says:

This episode was really good!

Wendell Stephens says:

I wasn’t crying, but it hit me in the feels.

Sasir says:

1:30 exactly what I think

安嘉曦 says:

I guess you can say yusaku was white-knight-ing Aoi

ILoveAnhel says:

Oh, man, you always hype me up for the next episode, but this time you also made me feel a lot worse about Aoi xD
I think I remember having said a long time ago about Akira and Aoi being orphans, so… YES! I mean, bad for them but I was right xD
Really good episode. But that actually makes me be a little afraid of Arc-V syndrome in the future. Liking Akira a little more after this. He’s not a bad guy, and I wanted to mention that you said “he wants her to stop being an idol, the only thing she has” (something along those lines), but he did say that it was for her safety. To ensure nothing like what JUST HAPPENED happened. So, yes, not the correct way of doing things, but he cares for his sister. I actually think they are both responsible about the problems they have. A little talking, expressing your feelings “Akira, I feel lonely, I am thankful for what you do, but would be happy with just hanging with you” or something like that really helps. Akira’s being very Seto Kaiba-ish when he was adopted by Gozaburo. I remember Mokuba saying his brother stopped smiling, and maybe this is something that happens here. Neither Zaizen looks happy.

crystalbreaker947 says:


Aoi wasn’t in “berserk magical rage” mode like yuya, revolver was playing with her unstable emotions bringing up to light the only thing she cares about, her brother noticing her, thus Revolver manipulating people for his purposes.
This is very similar to both the duels between Yusei and Akiza in the first half of 5ds. While Yusei was getting beated up by black rose dragon roots, Yusaku was being stinged with “Trickster needles”, while both Aoi and Akiza needed a “Savior” during that time.
About her deck, it’s comprehensible that she has this cute, kawaii, humanoid, female “monsters” because she is an idol, but there are female characters through the franchise who break this stereotype, like Rio with her ice birds, or Anna with her Trains, even Cat using actual cats.

John C Wooding says:

Noah Kaiba died in a car accident, the original Ryoga and Rio and their parents died in a car accident and now this. Cars. The true main villans of every Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

phillip denis says:

doing alot better than arc v

I AM KEV says:

Seeing arc-v first 7 episodes vs seeing vrains first 7 episodes im just blown

OddEyes says:

If Akira cares so much about aoi it makes you wonder why didn’t he cared when she almost got killed at episode 1 by cracking dragon lol.

trexdrew says:

Don’t forget Dylan Trickstar Reincarnation is a real card that works exactly as it does here AND it’s not once per turn

MongeMagiaZura says:

This was an Episode I enjoyed, my friend keeps complaining about how Yugioh is sexist for what happened to Aoi at the end of the episode.

Daiyan Dewan says:

Hey Dylan if you run out of video ideas or something can you react to my friends top yugioh anime openings and endings? It has all the yugioh songs including the new vrains songs!

Here’s the link-

Kevin Albarn says:

jojo references are the best xDd

CarGoLito says:

It was “Dark Angel” btw

Gerardo Munoz says:

I couldn’t help but point out the symbolism of Aoi being corrupted by darkness had become a fallen Angel.

Golden Dragon Rider says:

I think Aoi’s brother (sorry I take a while to learn names) is more against Aoi participating in Speed Duels than being an idol/Duelist. In episode 6 his two concerns are her getting hurt (loving her) and her identity getting found out (for his reputation). Speed Duels are constantly referred to as being dangerous but regular Duels seem relatively safe (remember the chess pieces wanted to shut down Vrains to stop Speed Duels because they were dangerous which likely means that even if Master Duels are dangerous in Brains they are significantly safer). However, since Speed Duels are currently the new popular thing, Blue Angel is likely choosing to play them over Master Duels for the sake of pleasing the fans.

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