Yu-Gi-Oh! Why Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution Will Fail!

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Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution is the newest Yu-Gi-Oh! game to be released later on in 2019. While I’m excited at the prospect of a new Yu-Gi-Oh! video game, I feel that this is not the direction they should be going, and wanted to offer my critique on how a Yu-Gi-Oh! game in 2019 SHOULD be implemented.

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BlazeG15 H2O says:

I would like an official simulator, not a game like we’ve been playing since 2003

Blake Killganon says:

Uhm. I don’t think it ever claims to be anything other than an updated LotD. It’s even the same name with an added subtitle. And there’s nothing wrong with the game. It had a good interface and engine. Idk why they’d change it other than minor QoL changes. But that’s just me.

João Rosa says:

That moment cimoooo is schooling konami in how to make money XD Kudos bro!

Midnight duelist says:

Is the game only going to be on switch or will it be transferred to the pc, ps4 and xbox

Gdxgz says:

You can’t even play the new yugioh game on the PS4 you won at a YCS. Lmao what a mess

Dread Scythe says:

Because it is the platform as it is easier to manage as the other platforms will come later. Once the game has taken off properly it will cross across platforms eventually.

Colm Gallagher says:

then play dule links

MadolchePlayer says:

Im confused. You say no one wants duel links 6:00 but also that it might be “the most popular app in history” which is correct, 90 million downloads. Then you call it a “half ass version of yugioh nobody wants to play”. Obviously people like duel links and its format and dont consider it a “half ass version”. You also say that the switch is the lowest of all the consoles but is considered Nintendo’s bests selling console, already beating out the gamecube and n64 lifetime sales and its barely two years old. It was also the fastest selling console in japan and canada. So actually putting it on the switch makes sense. Making it exclusive maybe it doesn’t but I bet you nintendo is paying a lot to keep it so. You might not have a switch or might not like duel links but that doesn’t mean it’s going to fail

Colray says:

switch isnt that popular and wont be until the new pokemon games

Bystanderx79 says:

konami won’t put this game on mobile primarily because it will directly compete with duel links. personally i do agree with you on the need for cross platform play, this something that needs be done with franchises like yu-gi-oh. the reason for the exclusivity on the switch probably has something to do with the success of yu-gi-oh! games on the previous nintendo systems. we also don’t know if konami is planning to update the previous version of the games on the other platforms for cross platform play. might an interesting alternate competitive format they are saving for the 2019-20 competitive season.

Magmatic Miniatures says:

It will fail because its (seemingly) only on Switch. Big mistake.

Tyler Gordon says:

they will eventually branch out to other consoles just like the previous title did. they do these things to keep sales steady instead of just getting a huge quarter and then having it tapir off. pretty standard buisness wise. going to switch first is good because switch is new and exciting and there arent many other title for the switch to compete with their sales so that is also a good reason for the release for only the switch. my biggest problem with this is that this will be sold as a full game when in reality it should just be a dlc and priced that way. buuuuutttt….the world we live in now wants to have us chase their carrot their way for the amount of money they want and they know we just have to do so. life sucks then you die lol

[Mr.][Asian][Guy] [Plays][Video][Games] says:

well looks l will…..not be getting a switch just for this. i got ygopro at my side

Jack Staples says:

“Safe” is the right word,
They don’t need to swing for the fence when they can get an easy double with minimal cost.
Of course, us players would prefer them to try something different. But different is risky and this is guaranteed profit even if it doesn’t top the charts

DarkZedCannon says:

You’re phone argument doesnt make sense. It splits the consumer base for mobile and most importantly MICROTRANSACTIONS. That’s why.

Marj Mend says:

Cimooo shoud work with konami giving them idea

Saens says:

This game is going to be bad since they won’t update new extension/new ban list. So there is not going to be any competition in this game

Dharengo says:

Alternate title: “Konami should do exactly what I want them to do.”

The reality is, it’s a low effort port that will make low effort profits, which is what they are after.

And as a disclaimer, I don’t like Konami and am unlikely to buy this game.

jgchgdcghc says:

But cimooo…legacy of the duelist is already released on everything…

This is just the game with the dlc to catch the switch up.

Arubaruna says:

5:35 Because it would cause a shift in their Duel Links success. DL is their biggest profit video ever and with micro transactions being bought every minute they do not want a better game (or even a worse game) to distract from that.

*Konami would be competing against Konami:*
Yu-Gi-Oh! has Duel Links which already is a card game, which means if we got a better Yugioh TCG app a big percentage of DL players would be stepping over to that app and they’d be in direct competition with themselves, which is the last thing a business wants.

It all makes sense from a business POV but it still sucks for us. It will be long (after DL has died down a bit) before we get this app we all want, so don’t get your hopes up.

Chia Xiong says:

They gonna bank with links ppl gonna buy switch like crazy lol

TK 87 says:

*sigh* Its setup to not have the mobile folks get integrated & be torn between 1 or the other (my phone’s unable to play DL due to it being a resource glutton). Also, Japan’s never had any ver. of LotD. So its kinda a big deal for them.

‘Scuse me, Hearthstones the digital ver. of the wow tcg. Was a bit more setup and fun around the 3rd/4th expansion. No asinine lag input that HS features.

Quantum Quilty says:

cant put it on mobile because they already have duel links. if they put it on mobile everyone would stop playing duel links and play this instead

barna phon says:

I’m sure its exclusive for switch for a few months. Then after the hype dies down. They will release it to other consoles.

The Ultra Gaming Champ says:

I’m sorry, but this is the first video of your’s I disliked. The Switch is the lowest because it’s the newest. It is still on pace to outsell the Xbox One. Claiming the Switch is the lowest selling console even though it’s been around in a shorter time than both the PS4 and XBox One is a bit of an unfair claim. Also, if Legacy of the Duelist WAS on the phone, then it would compete with Duel Links. Why would they pull down the sales of both Duel Links AND Legacy of the Duelist by putting it on mobile, when they can just put it on the Switch and still have the appeal of it being on the go and on a TV?

That Annoying Yu-Gi-Oh! Guy says:

“95% of people have a smartphone”

Yeah I didn’t realise <10 year olds only made up 5% of the population

It’s not a nostalgia game, it’s being made for kids. People wanting nostalgia play DL or older Yu-Gi-Oh titles.

I can't th1nk of A b3tt3r name says:

I think if they made a standard yugioh TCG app for iphones it would make a killing because people would love playing with their friends like on dueling book but have automated processes like duel links

itsSammas says:

I’d only say the reason it looks like a port is because it is. That’s not a bad thing either. Why would you change what already works? This isn’t Pokémon you don’t need a new ui every generation

John Cockrill says:

I wouldn’t really want to play this game on a mobile device because having to do everything with touch controls would be annoying. Duel links it’s much better for a mobile device since it’s much more simplistic and works well with touch controls. I do think they should have this game on steam, PS4, and Xbox.

Matt Bargo says:

To be fair WOTC said Arena would not be coming to mobile and Mac.

dabradmp1 says:

The reason why duel links only has 3 monsters and 3 spell is ONLY because the the size of the screen on a phone. Magic arena and Pokemon are not on phone because of that. The resolution is not big enough for a card game like that. Pokemon is the perfect example because it’s on tablet because it has bigger resolution.

aiRCoft says:

Cimo to Duelist: Link Evolution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SnhmTKGbsk

imjustherefortehlulz says:

I’ll actually be mad if I don’t get this on console soon

Gentle Ice says:

Off. This is taking me back to 2015; the year of FucKonami

Patrick Jones says:

Cimo, as per his Youtube contract, is contractually obligated to make the “why X sucks/will fail” youtube video. It’s missing the picture of a woman in the thumbnail but everything else checks out. we’ve extended your Youtube partnership for the next year. Pleasure doing business with you- Youtube.

garrett1433 says:

My friends and I play legacy of the duelist alot, it’s fun not having to dish out money for cards

JDBass36 says:

I want a true yugioh story mode game. Something similar to Forbidden Memories for ps1.

TheBanned0ne says:

Crossplay will not happen until console creators agree.

Exclusivity is not “always a bad thing from a business perspective”. Those who get the exclusivity pay the developer A LOT of money. So much so that development is basically free so any money made is an instant net gain.

Osvaldo Franco says:

Put in every consul

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