Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship Tournament 2004 Review

I have fury!


HYPTIC says:

repetitve ball sucking Cx

Safersephiroth777 says:

Tournament 2008 was my first Yugioh game for the DS.

SimonDP says:

i highly recommend the yugioh mobile game

Shadow Lugia says:

Please review one of the yugioh DS games, like Stardust accelerator that you mentioned.

Lancer says:

Haha this game was so bad, I remember when my opponent took control of my Don Zaloog and attacked me directly with it, I got to choose which of his effects should be activated.

Stoni41 says:

was this the best Yu-Gi-Oh! GBA Game?

PiscesPrincess327 says:

Will you ever review the other WC games? I have 7 Trials To Glory, WC 2007, and WC 2008. All of which I love! Especially WC 2008. In 7 Trials To Glory, the Shadow Duels don’t have the banlist limitation meaning that you can also have a broken deck. Hell there’s even a card shop that gives you broken starter decks like the Exodia deck!

Chase Chute says:

Haha you remind me of The Mysterious Mr. Enter. X) Great review man! Btw, nice Little Kuriboh reference you added there! 😉

Col Wal says:

yoo for real you hitting every point! imperial order is that card and the rant at the 14 minute mark was just perfect

John Hyland says:

Try The Eternal Duelist Soul, it is like this game, but without the bullshit.

Joseph Watkins says:

Love these good ol Yu-Gi-Oh! games! Thanks for sharing this with us; Jesus Christ Bless! 🙂

alexsolimani says:

+Darklordjadow1 whenever I activate cards like Jinzo and Royal Decree which negates all Traps, it never works on equip Trap cards like Call Of The Haunted, it stays on the field instead of going to the graveyard with the monster they revived like it should! The AI cheats!

stalectos says:

the rare hunter uses a really bs deck in legacy of the duelist. he has 3 of each exodia piece 3 basically every draw card mentioned in this video plus some and 5 or 6 spells that prevent attacking. the plus side is that after beating him and collecting all the cards needed you can use his deck and wreck most of the rest of the campaign with it.

The laughing coffin gamers says:

Got beat by gampas exodia

LSSJ Gaming says:

I’m getting this in Japanese cuz its cheap

Julio Lenin says:

Angry Yugioh game nerd.

Birdyroxas says:

magic jammer.

C R says:

The music of this game is the best among all yugioh games I am sad you didn’t mention it.

ReloadPsi says:

There was something about your delivery of “Imperial Order is your key to life” that made me really smile 🙂

XBladeVanitas says:

you’re rant near the end reminds me of what happened to one of my buddies in a Yugioh 5Ds game it was the tag team dueling one I forget the title. Anyways he was teamed with Jack Atlas and Jack used Solemn Judgement then Solemn Judgement HIS OWN Solemn Judgement then uses Solemn Warning effectively killing all 8000 of his Lifepoints in one turn…

MrNice Guy says:

Good review man – I was considering buying this but decided against it. Only ever played Eternal Duelist Soul and it is similar in terms of AI to what you described but otherwise too simple to have a lot of the bullshit

KnightofChaosDeck says:

9:23 (Thinks about SUperheavy Samuaris) Uhhhhhh…

Col Wal says:

“its not strategy its abuse” lol

Grinchy Izzy says:

I’ve beat this game maybe 4-5 times, it’s possibly one of my favorite yu-hi-oh games, and I’ll be 100% honest with you, Everything you stated in this video… IS TRUE. The thing that pisses me off though, other than everything you stated, is when you play a card with say 3000 defense, and they DONT ATTACK IT??

Brendan McCallion says:

I loved this game.

Brett Walters says:

Yeah that’s usually the problem with the Yugioh games in general – while they’re amazing for the rookie-status newcomer yugioh player who still has trouble understanding the rules even after they read the book, for the EXPERIENCED DUELISTS who look forward to getting a good duel out of the game, the AI dueling (and their deck) make some of the worst plays imaginable against you! Take it from me – I play the Trading Card Game for the Nintendo Wii (Yugioh 5D’s Duel Transer/Master of the Cards).

iKillOrDieTryN says:

what is an ai called when the ai has no i? xD

SimonDP says:

having a luck system in a yugioh game is retarded. drawing cards should be random

Крис Пак ман says:

the rare hunters are the ones who should be allowed to cheat because they cheated in the anime as well.

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