Yu-Gi-Oh! Zombie Horde Structure Deck Opening + Discussion!

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The Yu-Gi-Oh! Zombie Horde Structure Deck is a massive upgrade over the old Zombie Madness Structure Deck! Let’s take a look at everything that comes with the deck, and discuss the competitive viability of these new cards!

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Winter Blossom says:

What is this waste of money in the back on the wall

Mazen Al Abdallah says:

So when is the $30 budget deck coming

Sir. Beanie says:

I’ve been out of Yugioh for awhile, but when I heard about this deck I got really interested in playing again. Not sure why but I guess I just really missed playing Zombies

Colm Gallagher says:

Too sexy for my shirt

Ricado Santos says:

What if you mix this with vamps? Then the spell would be live more often, plus, im pretty sure bloom can summon most of them

Exosteel says:


Alena Kovalenko says:

Plz make the 30$ budget deck!!!!!

Danny De La Cruz says:


Beat Swordman says:

I think you can buy 3 structures and have good base for zombie deck if one will become meta.

Zach F says:

So i tried playing zombies a while back and I just gave up on the deck. After having people tell me to cut Plaguespreader, Book of Moon, and lots of other cards the deck just wasnt fun to play anymore

Derek McDuffie says:

bro…this structure deck is broken lol

Rofzmaster says:

Where’s the engage reprint? Its not a real deck unless you can fit the sky striker engine somehow so I feel it deserves the reprint too. Konami pls

Dr.Riff M.D. says:

Seems to me like this deck does a lot of banishing. Could work with Shiranui monsters.

Colorless says:

Just wanted to leave a bit of a discusion question.

Why is it, that the Arc-V/ Pendulum Era, we had 6 amazing structure decks (Realm of Light, Heros Strike, Master of Pendulum, Emperor of Darkness, Structure Deck Kaiba (ABC), and Dino Smashers Fury). Yet, when we entered the Vrains/ Link era, the only structure deck that managed to do anything remotely competitive was Lair of Darkness.
Do you think that the power of structure decks has been toned down, or has the format become too strong for a structure deck to be competitive?

loverofSaki2 says:

would love to have seen ash, ghost, or cherry in there, but then the price might have gone up. oh well we get ultra cherry in the advent calender

Ayden tv says:

I wish i wasnt poor id get it…

KeMmorter 473 says:

cimo I’d love to see a budget 30$ deck profile


Hey Cimo! Loving the new Zombie Hoard army, Umu!

Bryan Padilla says:

Damn no extra deck monsters. This structure kind of sucks.

Jimmy Roberts says:

Gods… can see a revival of zombiesworn.

Susana Duran says:

Amazing video! You should check her out! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9uOhSVh7GwbFs3QGIA8KJA

Gemerl The Gizoid says:

I would like to see the deck profile.

kurt sell says:

I’m looking forward to the next Dragon Lords structure deck!

EpicRandomStuff says:

Play with your Grandpa!

Alyssa Truman says:

This is just the structure deck I needed to give my vendread link deck some power. The doom king can be absolutely oppressive with ZW up

Mitarsu Jano says:

Hmm everyone said counter fairies would be meta but they weren’t maybe it’s the other way around with this structure deck

David Hoch says:

2:45 how can you use a Set card as Synchro material? This card is confusing lol

iBeFrostyyy says:

3:15 – I don’t know what it is, but the artwork is sick as hell. Lmao I was thinking the same thing.

Ricardo Rodriguez says:

Amazing structure deck but it could use a necroface to get more crazy combos and necroface needs another reprint

Hiro Vang says:

I like to ask a question if that’s okay
Would future fusion and overload fusion work for chimeratech fortress dragon and chimeratch overdragon ?

Just wondering if it works

Edgy McEdgeface says:

Balerdroch can negate most handtraps.

coppertop1000 says:

want to see budget and non budget builds

Gemerl The Gizoid says:

Is that a ghostrick playmat in the background?

ryzenplayz says:

yes 30$ deck

Phillip Opfer says:

These would be great for Yu-Gi-Oh duel links. I wonder if that’s why they released them because duel links has just came into syncro.

Travis Nelson says:

30$ budget build zombie horde please.

Mip Mop says:

Hey Cimo can you bann firewall please ? Thanks

Benjamin Åberg says:

I’d also like to see a 30$ dollar version of this structure deck! 🙂 would want to pick it up for locals

Dan the Blade-Overlord says:

I would like a Despair from the Dark, if that was in the deck, MAN! That would give the deck a secret power house.

Harps W says:

This deck is so good, I haven’t been able to put it down the last couple days. All you have to do is end on balderock and a swallow’s slash and you just win.

Tong Yang says:

TCG is once per chain, but OCG gets NON-once per chain. 🙁

Quit500 75K says:

Should I be sleeving Ulra And Super Rares?

Odran Keane-Teague says:

Budget deck profile please

Benjamin Åberg says:


Richard Welch says:

zombie necronize is live if the opponent has a lv.5 or higher monster, as well.

return of the zombie is better than you give it credit. with cards like monster reborn, red-eyes zombie necro dragon, marionette mite, and zombie necronize, you can banish an opponents monster you control, then special summon a zombie from your graveyard.

assasinfromheaven92 says:

I’m extremely interested in the $30 deck please.

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