YuGiOh CLASSIC 2002 Yugi Starter Deck Opening and Review!

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SkullifyGaming says:

tell me how dark magician is so much better than blue eyes white dragon

Rando Viddos says:

I remember all of the crybabies playing in school when these decks came out and they lost their cards coz they lost the duel XD

Amber says:

i remember when these were everywhere and the BEWD and Dark magician cards that came with them got made fun of for being so dirt common. what happened

SkullifyGaming says:


Louie Lagousakos says:

Pot of greed banned i mean i got 3 tyfons remove trap those r worse they beat toon world rituals etc

Mike Cheema says:

Feral imp- a playful little fiend that lurks in the dark ahahahahaha

garciafever says:

One question:

Back in 2002 when you got Summoned Skull, it didn’t have the text “this card is always treated as an archfiend”. So how come when you get a Yugi starter deck that isn’t from 2002, it includes the aforementioned text in the Summoned skull card?

Shan Zhong says:


DeadPistolsBrainGerms says:

I’m fairly certain this was the deck that started it all for me back when I was a kid. Now let’s not be ridiculous, the game still had some BS moves even back in the day, but it wasn’t anything like these days where you summon 5 of your best monsters on your first turn with effects that basically make it impossible for your opponent to do anything assuming they don’t have BS cards as well.

All this new BS makes me wish I could duel people while only using starter decks. All these new cards are ridiculous. I COMPLETELY understand why Pot of Greed is banned, but when you see some of the effects on monsters that aren’t even limited you begin to question if banning Pot of Greed really fucking matters because in my opinion it honestly doesn’t. Unbanning it isn’t going to change shit in a game that often ends within a few turns.

llm7676 says:

I still have the blue eyes Kaiba starter deck, though most of the cards started fading even though they were in card sleeves. They look like the color or tint was adjusted and the star levels are yellowing and loao,g their orange. My Tri-horn dragon is doing the same.

くるみ餅 says:


Mike Cheema says:

So pathetic this is when life was so FUCKING PERFECT if only these times could come back but

Blubberboy888 says:

Dopes nis

Tano Senpai says:

Man this was my first ever deck, nostalgia :_

Gamentshak Gaming Vids says:

he doesn’t know that he did this like years ago

Kaisar says:

i remember 2003 getting 20 bucks from my mom and i went straight to the store to buy this deck for 15 bucks and i had enough to buy one more booster.

inside the booster there was silver fang, mammoth graveyard >.>

SoapyTaco says:

the cards were so much more high quality then… and man i remember being a kid and seeing this deck in walmart and begging my parents to buy me it, good times.

DeelIo says:

But I still don’t know what Pot of Greed does.

Dino-Duelist Dude says:

The year i started playing yugioh.
i had a bunch of these starter decks. i even had the jap structure decks. good times.

tommy wilson says:

you should have got slifer

el joker says:

in my opinion they killed yu gi oh cards with all this new rules yhats why i quit playing

Stefan Nedeljković says:

how much money

Almost Impressive Fishing says:

which starter deck actually came with polymerization? kaiba?

Justin D says:

i remembering getting home from my first day of kindergarten me and my old brother and we arrived home and the original 2 decks kaibas and yugis were sitting on the table knowing i wanted yugis we both got our preferred choice and i remember playing out in the backyard and it was hot and i put my deck in my pocket and threw my pants in the laundry with my deck inside it and all i remember was going back outside not thinking anything of it and my dad washed the pants ruining the first deck i ever had 100% my fault but the thought of seeing you open this deck brings back such great memories

Dustin Hardcastle says:

How much Coke did you do before this video?

Daniel O'Grady says:

I have a very vivid memory of my mum buying me this deck whilst I was in school and surprising me with it the moment I got out. I read each card before I left the school’s grounds. I would have been 5-6 at the time, great nostalgia.

Sebastian Hakin says:

I think your one of the best youtubers out there

Janga Man says:

watch the beginner part with subs. omg i died XD

William Edwards says:

What kind of camera does he use guys? Thanks

Don92 Inspire says:

it release and does not appear in every starter deck

Brayden Ferguson says:

Omg I love you so much ❤️

Etienne Pham Do says:

Anyone remember how foils were insanely dark back then

isai medel says:

i was ten when i got one. i remember they were like 25 bucks should have kept it

Mihailo Pajic says:

yugioh duel monsters,gx and maybe 5D’s are good.Arc-V and Zexal are shit!!


volume leveling plz bro

snake79545 says:

i had this i lost it or my parnet’s gave it away ?. .

Gaming kuriboh says:

How could u be so calm opening this deck I would cry

Yoani Castro says:

I sell Yugioh cards one Dallas each look for Yoani Castro on YouTube California in Phoenix to

Tnt Gaming says:

I’ll pay or trade any card for it just plz i want yu gi s and kybers cards plz

BurningPillow says:

I just noticed that Yugi doesn’t have any shoes on the box art.
His pants are his shoes, or is his shoes attach to the pants?
I watched the original show a couple of days ago and the first few episodes, Yugi didn’t have any shoes either.

Let's Talk says:

Plz subscribe

Aden Huerta says:

I built a power deck that can take anybody out

Jenivera says:

got my starter yugi today. however the DM is very discolored. almost like its been sitting in the sun… the rest of the deck is fine tho… kinda disappointing when i spent over 80$ for it..

sinester410 says:

Not even first

Winlzohw says:

I remember getting this when I was in the second grade and it first came out, just seeing dark magician gave me nam flashbacks.

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