YuGiOh Legendary Collection Kaiba Box Opening & Review! .Introducing the MASTER Set. OH BABY!!

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Joseph Jones says:

Its funny how while he explains about his collection, the little screen keeps going left and right lol

Guest Guest says:

Can I have the Kaiba playmat?

Anton Wilzewski says:

Enemy controller will be great for the lair.

Vectant HD says:

Give it to me KAIBA

Andrew Mcreynolds says:

I…I just want one. Without paying an arm and a leg. Why so expensive Legendary collection Kaiba?

David Cartwright says:

i just opened my first box, and got all 3 arts of Blue-Eyes, and i pulled Ash Blossem & Joyous Springs….ill be getting another box real soon!!

Slightly Sinister says:

The next legendary collection… I think it would be cool so see a Legendary collection for Jaden and Yusei

Brent A-T says:

That feeling when you snag the last legendary collection kaiba at Walmart

Panthera Tigris says:

loved watching all of these

Feyenoord1908 says:

Boys a little question on the card “assaukt blackwing raikiri the rain shower is one of his effects that it can destroy cards up till the “blackwing” monsters on his side of the field… But are other synchro monsters with the name assault blackwing than also that kind of blackwing monsters. Because by cyber dragons if you have a cyber dragon core that is not a “cyber dragon” for summoning like a cyber end or anything

Yugioh Master says:

Are u doing a duel with Alex with this box

reyven PL352 says:

Im see that in all Kaiba set’s are better card’s, than in a Yugi set

William McClanahan says:

Just ordered a set of the sdk artwork bewd’s

bryan Vasquez says:

You should make live streams

Tim-Bitz MLV_C3 says:

Zexal AKA Astral World! Now that is money for Konami. That should totally be next. A lot of the nice Number Monsters in Secret/Ultra Bling.

PhereTaggs says:

where is EXFO box opening? –riot

CasterOfHope says:

i hate living in an area taht as soon as things come out they sell out that very day, im gonna have to wait a week or so for restocks and even then it might sell out again due to my schedule. might not even get this set and i really want it

Clarence Trajano says:

Simply, there’s a somewhat useful way that I recommend to sleeve the cards. Since you have 2 sleeves, You can flip one of them upside down, so it can prevent liquids from going through the top of the sleeve. Instead it has to go through one whole sleeve just to get to the card. Hope you see this comment and could help protect your cards!

silver zae productions says:

Simply can I have one of the play mats

Mad Kabaneri says:

You convinced me to order one of those online, i m excited to see what i get
Thx for that already<3

Onochi Shobo says:

Love the new intro


You should turn you sleeve upside down when putting you card AN sleeve into the sleeve protector completely sealing the car

Ball Ripper says:


kinghosss says:

Ive been thinking of getting a dragunity deck can anyone tell me how it plays and if its worth it or not? Ive been thinking of getting back into yugioh recently

TheHolyBuster1 says:

Doed anyone know where i can sell my yugioh cards?

GenerationOf2012 says:

We def need an update video on how your lawyer collection is going so far and making that a long ass video I don’t mind that all

Bryant Huerta says:

That intro was SICK!

Brooke Wennell says:

Looking good

jos fonse says:

try pulling a secret rare ash

zehRyze says:

The master collection idea is amazing! I would love to see it as often as possible! Keep up the awesome work!

DoramaRx says:

I finally got my first box and pulled ash blossom

John George says:

Hey Roman, I really like the part about putting cards in the master collection. Keep up the awesome work


i am so triggered by the thumbnailp

RobVSGaming says:

Can we please get a legendary duel with you and Alex, Egyptian Gods vs Sacred Beasts

TImothy Zeiler says:

is it worth buying? i just do not want to get one box and just pull craps.

Justin G. says:

WHO is Tobias fate ? 😉

Tylord of the Rings says:

I Love the master collection part of the video. I was hanging on tightly to see if you got another ash blossom.

yoyoyoyo nononono says:

Leaving a comment to support the channel ! Love your hard work 🙂

CallMDel says:

I love the master collection section. shows what you could pull from the pack physically. Very informative and satisfying.

bryan Vasquez says:

You got twin burst omgggggg

Jordan Chornak says:

Yes the master set idea is awesome

Codi Watson says:

I opened 3 boxes and got no ash 🙁

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