Yugioh Mystery Pack – New Repackaged Product! – OLD SCHOOL PACKS???

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Joshua Partridge says:

I’m going to say the vampire lord and all of the old school packs too

Jason Grasham says:

seeing this on my bday
love those dark scorpions

lil ninja says:

Great video.my favorite pull was vampire lord.one of my favorite cards.thought about making a vampire deck

DLegend of KHUx says:

Vampire Lord is super cool! But I also like the Fear From the Dark! Nostalgia is realllll

Joey Mendez says:

Ain’t getting any of these anytime soon since i already spent my money on those legendary collection 2 reprint boxes lol and that vampire lord pull tho!

PONSTA says:

alright so ill be on the lookout for these but I haven’t seen that archfiend’s oath before. I might get that for my archfiends deck and that’s what I like out of the pulls you got.

Oscar Olivas says:

Maju garzett! That’s my favorite pull!

James says:

I like all the cards.

Richard Moore says:

Vampire Lord looks sick in its OG secret rare print. Favourite pull though would have to be Despair From the Dark. That card has always looked so evil and badass and the name is brilliant. Wish that the newer cards were still as dark.


Vampire Lord nice.

Jordan VanderKodde says:

Vampire Lord was a great pull!

Ryan Mills says:

Favorite pull was vampire lord. Super cool

psofan69 says:

Nice vamipre lord an dark horn pull as well

4d chess Moves says:

That vampire lord really cool nostalgic card for me personally

Tyler Mulhall says:

They should charge less for one pack if you don’t know what you’re getting…doesn’t seem worth

Jay Upadhya says:

These type of Boxes are Random so they are called the Box of Random

kong lee says:

Vampire lord that my favorite pull. I Always love pulling cards from the old pack tht I grew up with.. but yea vampire lord love secret rare

Rhythm D says:


DocD says:

Vampire lord favorite card I would like enter for that give way

walkingemp says:

that vampire lord though

Zeracki Laser says:

Penguin knight tbh

Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! & Weiss Schwarz Channel says:

Thanks for sharing.

Francis Young says:

vamp lord

AlphaGradYGO says:

The best pull I think you got was chick the yellow which was semi limited during goat and of course the vampire lord

franrc265 says:

definately not a repackaged product opening channel.

Ruxin34 says:

Yesssss so now I can just spend $6 got a pack and get less crap for less money! I have been waiting for cheaper old packs!

Flying Tiger says:

Legendary Flame Lord was my favorite pull

kyle tonner says:

vampire lord is awesome

12codyishere says:

That Vampire Lord was a great pull to see. Great video im now on the hunt for these mystery packs 4 sure!

Eric Toney says:

Dope AF mass 508 has em in worcester

Inu San says:

6 dollars for a vintage pack (wish it was the first ed packs) I think is worth the gamble nice find dude.

billy parsons says:

Vampire lord was my favorite pull.

J S says:

Vampire Lord, easily. Just such a nostalgic card from playing back in Elementary school days. Btw, the mystery packs look so clean

steveo92 says:

Vampire Lord was definetly the best pull but other than that Maju Garzett is cool. Always been one of my favorite card arts

Lionel Chen says:

Awesome video keep up the good work, vampire lord was my favorite card you card that you guys pulled.

Heroduothecomedian says:

Vampire lord was my favorite pull.it was my first secert rare i pulled back in the early days of yugioh

GREY DT says:

Hmmm these look interesting to me

Nico Tongson says:

Vampire Lord was the first rare I pulled from the first every booster I got when I was in highschool but that Maju Garzett probably brought me back more. It was my decks trump card since I couldn’t really buy singles or have a ton of money to buy boosters back then. Man this takes me back!

Cj Carroll says:

love the video man favorite pull is that vamprie lord serect rare! keep up the great videos!

_ Raven _ says:

Favorite card pulled would have to be vampire lord, I have three copies I believe from different sets I can’t remember but just the artwork is amazing. Summoning him in duel links is freaking amazing to!

mike wadham says:

My favourite card you pulled was vampire Lord and great video keep up the great work and video

Pusher says:

I liked the old card layout used from the beginning to The shining darkness (2002-2010), it was darker, narrower and had more of a yugioh feel. Duelist toolbox/ revolutions layout only lasted up to order of chaos 2010-2012. Order of chaos layout lasted until primal origin (2012-2014) and then space time showdown/duellist alliance lasted up till Maximum crisis (2014-2017). Code of the duellist layout is current for now (2017-????) none have lasted anywhere as long as the original layout. The cards are too bright and wide, it looks so out of shape compared to the beginning.

terry johnson says:

Vampire Lord is the best! Also nice packs actually, thats crazy!

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