YuGiOh Mystery Power Box Opening and Review! | Dragonic Diagram!? #MoreMegaMail

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darth vader vs joker says:

I want yugioh cards

Matt_Maugeri says:

These mystery boxes are 45 bucks over here in Canada! Where are my Canadians at???

Prehistoric Hippo says:

When I bought this I got a battle pack two playmat.

Melissa Smith says:

I am from Michigan

Sonicblastersoni says:

The only reason I bought this is because I thought it would come with old school packs such a waste of money $25 for this crap

Crafter Master says:


Sarin Kim says:

Opponent : B#### What you say I’m black
Yugi: sorry my card was in spanish

Arshvir Singh says:

My local Walmart sells them, I saw them today

By Kim says:

Dark magacian girl such a beautiful girl!!!

Tr1ppy R00st3r says:

Hey Simply Unlucky I just bought one of these mystery power boxes and I got an invader of darkness in a plastic case and I got the yugi structure deck I think in Italian. It says deck inicial do yugi. Are these pretty good pulls for what I paid for? I’m just starting to get in to yugioh. Thanks for your videos

Amerikajin91 says:

I work at Walmart and know they have those tere also MJ Holdings are the ones behind the cubes with like 5 shit packs in them

Desideri Piccanti Team says:

Ma quindi gli hanno regalato una diagram?

Jordan Sanchez says:

16:18 (pause)

ZtheGeek says:


Jacob Binning says:

you are the best you tuber

Engi 64DDD says:

0:42 Cimo will but that to the test, oh right, he already did

FrenZzyEdits says:

I got 1 dragomic diagram

somehuman-json says:

13:57 thank me later

shadow2587 says:

What going on!? Srly?? the duelist pack (11:55) only have 3 cards of 5?

Sumanth Reddy Donthireddy says:

In boxing starts at 15:07

Christopher says:

They’re a very bad investment, basically just repackaged products that don’t sell well on an individual basis.

might as well throw away that money at a casino somewhere.

The Letter B says:

Maxmoefoe pulled a cyberstein psa and he does mainly pokemon openings.

Studdie Animations says:

cimoooooo opened it

David Romero says:

Gang gang

_Rapture_ says:

greetings from germany 😀

Jesus Quintana says:

I bought one and got exodia el prohibido from a vintage pack 2002

Toby Beckfist says:

maybe a booster box battle shining darkness vs crimson crisis?

Vanessa Peregretti says:

I got one for Christmas and it was the worst box i have ever gotten. The mystery item was not even there and not even the vintage. Those booster packs are just fillers that suck to. None of those cards have value.

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